Woodworking Staining

The perfect color of stain and the right touch can put the perfect finishing touches on your latest woodworking projects. Learn more here.

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18 Handy Hints for Wood Finishing

From finishing standoffs to paint booths, these 18 tips and tricks will guarantee better finishes on your next woodworking projects.

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How to Match Wood Stain: Head to the Paint Store

This is the easiest, most accurate way to match wood stain for your project.

Pro Tips for Using Wipe-On Polyurethane

How to use this fast, easy, goof-proof finish.

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How to Care for Your Indoor Teak Furniture

How to Care for Your Indoor Teak Furniture

Pickled Wood Finish for Interior Design and Decor

Unlock the secrets of the chic pickled wood finish, from its Nordic roots to DIY vinegar tricks and the best...

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How to Apply Polyurethane

4 Simple steps to a finish as smooth as glass