How to Oil an Electric Motor

Updated: Jan. 23, 2023

Expert advice: When oiling an electric motor, be sure to use oil that's specifically designed for motors.

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When oiling an electric motor be sure to use special oil for lubricating electric motors. Other oils could cause excess wear and premature failure.

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Buy special electric motor oil

Electric motor oil

Pick up a can of electric motor oil. It’s specifically designed for electric motor use.

Whenever you have to lubricate an electric pump, bench grinder or other electric motor, don’t pull just any oil off the shelf. Instead, pick up electric motor oil, like 3-In-One electric motor oil (about $3 at amazon). Learn about the different types of motor oil to select the right one.

Don’t use automotive motor oil! It’s too “thin” for electric motors. Plus, it contains detergent. If the excess oil seeps onto the motor windings, it might dissolve the insulation and fry the motor.