How to Clean Cloth Car Mats

Learn how to clean your car's cloth mats to see a big difference in your interior. Your mats will look like you just drove your car off the lot.

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Cleaning cloth car mats isn't too different from cleaning the carpet in your house. Vacuuming and then scrubbing with a carpet cleaner will make a noticeable difference in the mat's appearance, plus your mats will hold up longer underneath your feet.

Tools Required

  • Soft-bristle brush
  • Vacuum

Materials Required

  • Carpet cleaner

Note: A foaming carpet cleaner that can sit for a few minutes on the cloth mat to break up stains before you start scrubbing, and then dries quickly, is an ideal choice.

Project step-by-step (4)

Step 1

Remove the Mats

  • Remove the mats from the car and lay them on a flat surface.

removing and cleaning car mats

Step 2

Vacuum the Mats

  • Vacuum the mats to remove all loose dirt, dust and hard particles, so the cleaner can do its job.
  • Vacuum the car floor underneath the mats, too.

Cleaning car mats with vacuum

Step 3

Scrub the Mats

  • Spray the carpet cleaner onto the mats, coating them evenly without over-applying.
    • You don't want to soak the cloth!
  • Using the brush, scrub the cleaner into the cloth until all the cleaner is rubbed away.
  • Allow mats to dry.
  • For tougher stains, spray additional carpet cleaner onto the stain and let the cleaner sit for several minutes, and then scrub again.
    • Repeat as necessary.

scrubbing car mats

Step 4

Vacuum Again

  • Vacuum the mats again to remove any traces of carpet cleaner or dirt.
  • Reinstall the mats in the car.

Cleaning car mats with vacuum