Saturday Morning Workshop: How to Build a Wall-Mounted Wine Rack

Feature your wine collection on your wall with this one-hour wine rack.

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This super-simple wall-mounted wine rack is customizable and really easy to build. You can get it done in an afternoon!

Tools Required

  • 1-1/4-in. Forstner bit
  • 5/8-in. Forstner bit
  • Chisel
  • Clamps
  • Drill
  • Miter saw

Materials Required

  • 2-1/2” Trim-head screws
  • 2x4 Wood
  • 3” Corner brace
  • Drywall anchors
  • Gun blue
  • Keyhole hangers
  • Wood filler
  • Wood glue

Project Plans

Wine Rack Tech ArtFamily Handyman

Project step-by-step (6)

Step 1

Cut the parts

wine rack

Cut a 45-degree miter at the end of the 2×4, measure 13-in. from the long end and clamp a stop board to the miter saw fence for the remaining cuts. Cut as many parts as you like. Our rack has three.

Step 2

Drill the holes

wine rack

Center marks at 3-1/8-in and the short ends of the mitered ends. Drill bottleneck holes at those marks using a 1-1/4-in. Forstner bit with a sacrificial board underneath, to prevent blowout.