How to Build a Hanging Indoor Herb Garden

Bring your herbs indoors to enjoy fresh flavors all year long. Read on to find out how to build this simple hanging herb garden for your kitchen.


Bring more zest to your kitchen by building this indoor hanging herb garden.

Tools Required

  • Circular saw
  • Drill/driver
  • Nail gun

Materials Required

  • 1-1/2-in. nails
  • 18-ft. of chain
  • 4-ft. 1x3 board (2)
  • 4-ft. 1x6 board (1)
  • 4-in. terra-cotta pots (6)
  • No. 10 screw hooks (16)

Indoor herb gardens are a fantastic way to make sure your kitchen is always fully stocked with fresh herbs and spices. And with this hanging herb garden design, you’ll be able to have a garden in your home that doesn’t take up a bunch of much-needed space. Measurements for this hanging herb garden are based on standard 4-in. terracotta pots. Each rectangular box holds three pots, so you can grow a variety of flavorful indoor herbs right in your kitchen.

Project step-by-step (6)

Step 1

Plan the Boxes

  • Place the pots on top of the 1×6 board to determine how large you want the boxes to be. Be sure you include enough room for the side pieces to be placed on top of the base.

measure pots and base for hanging herb garden

Step 2

Cut the Pieces of the Box

  • Cut the base and side pieces to size. The base shown here is 15-in. long and 4-in. wide.

cut herb planter box pieces

Step 3

Nail the Box Together

  • Flip the box upside down to secure the base to the sides using a nail gun and 1-1/2-in. nails.
  • Repeat this process to assemble both boxes.

nail boxes together

nail herb planter boxes together

Step 4

Add the Hooks

  • Predrill holes for the screw hooks along the inside of both boxes, approximately 3-in. apart, and screw in the hooks.
  • Predrill holes and add screw hooks to the underside of only one of the boxes- this will be the top box of your herb garden.

add hooks to inside of herb planter boxes for hanging herb garden

add hooks, use a pliers to help

Step 5

Measure and Cut the Chains

  • Cut four equal lengths of chain that will be used to hang the top box of the garden from your ceiling or soffit in front of a window in your kitchen.
  • Cut four more equal lengths of chain that will be used to hang the bottom box from the underside of the first box. Be sure to leave enough room between the two boxes for your herbs to grow bigger.

measure height of herb planter boxes for chains

cut chain to length

Step 6

Hang the Garden

  • Hang the boxes in front of your kitchen window and add your potted herbs. Then enjoy fresher, more flavorful foods prepared in your own kitchen all year long!

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hanging herb garden