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Pro tips and techniques that will give you a helping hand in your daily life on the jobsite.

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    Tips and Techniques for Pouring Self-Leveling Underlayment

    We’ll show you the step-by-step process to achieve a perfectly flat and level underlayment that’s smooth as glass.

    7 Genius Tips and Tricks for Working With Extension Cords

    You can't get much done on a jobsite without extension cords. These field-tested tips for storing and using those cords...

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    Apprenticeship vs. Internship: Have You Considered a Career in the Trades?

    Apprenticeships and internships both offer training. But if your goal is a good, steady job afterward, an apprenticeship may be...

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    26 Things That Changed DIY Forever

    Innovations that improved home improvement.

    Cordless Circular Saw Buying Guide

    Find out which circular saw is best suited for you.

    What To Look for in Business Insurance

    Five things to be aware of and consider when applying for insurance for your business

    Tips for Plumbing With Plastic Pipe

    We asked Les Zell, our resident master plumber, to share some of his tips on working with plastic plumbing. Here...

    Ten Construction Jobsite Safety Tips To Keep In Mind

    Construction can be inherently dangerous, and sometimes accidents happen. Learn how to minimize workplace incidents here

    5 Tips For A Successful Interior Painting Project

    A pro painter shares the five steps to a successful interior painting project.

    A Pro Carpenter’s Guide to Framing Basement Walls

    A poor framing job can bring a whole mess of problems, so we asked a professional framing carpenter how to...

    Pro-Approved Construction Gear and Jobsite Accessories

    Construction is hard: hard on clothes, hard on gear, and hard on people. Here are some great tips that will...

    How to Make Safer, Better Cuts on a Miter Saw

    Our expert, Jerome Worm, has been using a miter saw every day for 30 years. He explains how to get...

    Tips and Techniques for Finishing Trim

    Achieving a flawless finish is all about proper prep, taking the correct steps, and applying the right product with quality...

    New Company ‘RenoRun’ Delivers Materials Directly to Your Jobsite

    RenoRun wants to bring you everything you need for a job directly to the jobsite.

    5 Tips to Keep Your Painting Job On Time and On Budget

    Skill and talent are critical skills in a painting business, but they can’t keep you afloat if you’re constantly running...

    5 Ways to Find (and Keep) Skilled Jobsite Workers

    These five tips can help business owners conquer the current construction labor shortage by focusing on hiring and retaining the...

    Werner Hosting Free Virtual Safety Trainings for Construction Workers

    Educational videos and certification are being offered for free as part of a national safety initiative.

    How Small Businesses Can Avoid Economic Stimulus Scams

    The Small Business Administration recently issued a warning about scammers trying to take advantage of people applying for small business...

    A Simple Math-Free Method for Marking and Cutting Radius Trim

    Marking and cutting radius trim can be tricky, and mistakes can be costly. Here, an expert trim carpenter shares their...

    8 Tool Maintenance Tips You Need to Follow

    Just a few simple steps can help keep your tools in great working condition.

    How to Protect a House During a Remodel

    It's important during any remodeling project to safeguard the unaffected parts of the house from damage and filth. Here are...

    How To Sharpen Tools

    Tips and gear for keeping your tools at their sharpest.

    Tips and Tools for Achieving Better Painting Results

    Seasoned professional painters have learned from experience what paint works best in any situation, what equipment is durable and yields...

    Job Site Clean-Up Tips

    The job's not over until you've cleaned up your mess. Use these tips to limit the mess in the first...

    A Guide to Getting the Most From Your Air Compressor

    Take a look at these great tips that'll show you how to get the most from your compressor, and and...

    Tips for Cutting and Connecting Pipes

    Pro plumbers share their favorite tips and tricks for cutting and connecting pipe.

    How to Lay Mosaic Tiles

    A handy guide to laying and setting mosaic tile from one of our most trusted tile experts. Plus, a quick...