5 Ways to Keep Your House Clean During a Muddy Spring

Updated: Oct. 20, 2023

What’s your best keep-clean tip for mud season?

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Place newspapers on the door

I place newspapers on the door to catch all the plops of mud and residue. Once the boots are on a drying mat, I roll up the newspapers and throw them out. It’s an easy, inexpensive fix on rainy days. — Joy Deterding. Here are a few ways to stop pets from tracking mud into your house.

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“Paw towels”

I ordered a clear vinyl runner for the hallway with floor mats on either end to trap dirt. Another tip is to let the mud dry and then get it with an electric carpet sweeper. Finally, we keep “paw towels” by the front and back doors and try to catch our dog before she runs back into the house for her treat. — Shelby Oppermann.

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Replace the grass

Make note of any low spots in your yard that tend to pool up when it rains. Use a shovel to remove the grass, then fill with a mix of sand and soil before replacing the grass. Also, fill in any bare or thin patches, since those tend to be muddy spots as well. — Jennifer Milakovic-Nelson

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Recycled rubber mulch

We use recycled rubber mulch in our landscaping to control the red clay and mud during rainy season. We also place rubber boot trays by the doors. — Wendy Quattlebaum

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Wool horse blankets for rugs

For the car, I use inexpensive carpet that absorbs mud and dirt and can be washed. In the house, we use wool horse blankets for rugs. They wash and dry well—I wish I’d known this trick years ago. — Cheryl Stunkel