10 Things That Are Cheaper in the Fall

Updated: Apr. 29, 2024

Shop with the seasons to save money! You can snag these 10 items for much cheaper if you wait until fall.

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Sales Manager shows the woman new cars in the showroom
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New Cars

New car models are released in the fall, so if you’re hoping to land a new ride you can often find a good deal in the latter part of the year. As dealers start receiving next year’s stock, they’re motivated to clear last year’s models out of their lots. That gives you a great opportunity to negotiate a lower price on a shiny new vehicle.

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Lawn mower
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Lawn Equipment

You don’t need to mow your lawn as often, if at all, in the colder months. That’s exactly why you can often find lawn mowers and other yard tools on sale during the fall. Home improvement stores want to clear out as much summer lawn equipment as possible to make room for winter products like snow blowers. So if your current mower unrepairable, fall is a great time to shop for a new one.

Be sure to check on the retailer’s return policy in case there’s a problem when you fire up the equipment in the spring.

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patio table set with umbrella

Patio Furniture

Autumn is the time for cozying up around the fireplace, not lounging on your deck. But if you think ahead to next summer, you can score good prices on new patio furniture. As the season for outdoor gatherings passes, demand for patio furnishings drops — and so do prices. Just make sure you have somewhere to store your new pieces until it’s time to use them.

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Office supplies
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Office Supplies

Most retailers offer great back-to-school deals in August and September, including lowered prices on items like pens, notebooks, binders and even electronics. However, those deals aren’t just for students! You can stock up on your favorite office supplies during these sales. You’ll often find popular items for deep discounts, including computers and even phones.

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Cleaning outdoor gas grill before next grilling.
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Summer is considered prime-time for grilling, and after Labor Day many stores drop their prices on grills to free up space for winter items. However, many people grill well into the fall (and winter, if you live somewhere with a mild climate). You should definitely take advantage of the low prices if your grill has seen better days.

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Camping and tent under the pine forest in sunset at Pang-ung, pine forest park , Mae Hong Son, North of Thailand
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Camping Gear

As the cold weather rolls around, most people stop going camping, so stores often mark down any leftover gear in stock. If you noticed your tent, sleeping bags or other camping equipment looking old and worn-out, late autumn is a good time to start keeping an eye out for discounted replacements.

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Black pan on Induction stove top panel in modern kitchen for cooking, closeup


Do you need new pots and pans to whip up holiday meals? Lucky for you, cookware tends to go on sale in the late fall when many customers are gearing up for holiday gatherings. Not only will you be able to find cooking vessels for lower-than-average prices, but chances are you’ll see flatware, kitchen gadgets and other essentials on sale, too.

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Herbs kitchen garden and woman; Shutterstock ID 159418133


If you’ve been thinking about starting an herb garden or decorating your yard with new shrubs, chances are you’ll find better deals on plants during the fall. As nurseries gear up for the holiday season, they want to unload their summer stock, and you can often find great greenery for low prices. Just be sure you have an appropriate place to store your new plants if you’re not putting them in the ground right away.

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Set of electric home appliances on a wooden floor, green wall background. 3d illustration

Household Appliances

As with many items on this list, new household appliance models are typically released in the fall, which means retailers are eager to get rid of older inventory. If you’re shopping for a new refrigerator, washer, dryer or dishwasher, check your local home improvement store for slashed prices on all manner of appliances.

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Bicycles are another seasonal item that often get discounted once summer is over. Whether you’re looking for a new ride for yourself or holiday shopping for your favorite cyclist, definitely check your local sporting goods stores for low prices on last year’s best bikes.