11 Smart Devices to Ward Off Bugs

Want to be bug free? Check out these smart products to help you get rid of those annoying pests.

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Liecho Mosquito Killer Lamp

If you’re going to be camping, hiking or taking part in other adventurous outdoor activities this summer, be sure to consider portable smart devices to ward off bugs. This LED lamp uses 3D biomimetic trapping technology to keep you and your family comfortable. It’s portable, easy to carry and easy to clean.

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Neatmaster Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

Pest repeller smart devices may be the answer to your bug dilemma. This repeller uses bionic wave, electromagnetic wave and ultrasonic wave technology to ward off bugs by disturbing their nervous system. You’ll find three modes: the green light emits bionic wave for light infestation; the blue light emits electromagnetic wave for medium infestation; and the red light emits ultrasonic wave for high levels of infestation, which is the only one of the three that humans and pets can hear.

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Ultrasonic Blue Pest Repeller Portable Plug-in Control (4-Pack)

Tell bugs to bug off with a smart device like this portable plug-in pest repeller. According to the manufacturer, it uses “high-frequency changeable ultrasounds and vibrations by rotation” which deter pests. They also claim that this, “Electronic device with a dual ultrasonic chip for stronger impact effectively covers up to 1300 sq. ft. (80-120 sq. m). The result will be reached after continuous usage within 3-4 weeks.”

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Athemo 2 Pack Electronic Insect Trap

This electronic mosquito killer lamp emits ultraviolet rays to attracts pests, which are then electrocuted by the high-voltage power grid. It can be used as a night light, too!

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Thermacell Armored Portable Mosquito Repeller

This mosquito repeller is a wearable device that you can clip to your belt, so you can stop swatting those annoying bugs while you enjoy outdoor activities. The device creates a powerful invisible barrier against mosquitoes, and features a built-in LED light that monitors performance, and informs you if the fuel or flame goes out. Also, learn about indoor mosquito traps.

Thermacell stands by products with a 1-year satisfaction guarantee, and a responsive customer service team ready to answer any questions. Thermacell products have been evaluated by the EPA for safety and effectiveness.

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Katchy Indoor Insect Trap

This insect trap uses a UV light to lure in bugs under the fan, which sucks them into super sticky glue boards. It’s a solid choice for indoor smart devices that keep bugs from bothering you and your family. Looking for more options? Check out this Dynatrap insect trap.

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Thermacell Patio Shield Mosquito Repeller

Ideal for when you’re entertaining outside, this bug repeller uses proven technology to fight off pests for up to 12 hours at a time. Its highly effective repellent mats turn white when it’s time to replace them.

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LED Bug Repelling Yellow Bulb

This bug repelling bulb is great for those looking for an attractive pest repellent. Mosquitoes, flies and insects are NOT attracted to 2000K amber light, so you can illuminate your front porch, patio and other outdoor spaces with a warm glow while keeping the pests far away.

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DOUHE UV Light Electronic Bug Zapper

This bug zapper uses UV light to attract pests. When they come in contact with the high-voltage grids of these bug zappers, they’ll be electrocuted, saving you from constant swatting while you try to enjoy the outdoors.

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SolaMist Mosquito and Insect Misting System

Keep yourself safe from bugs with SolaMist. It’s a 12-gallon portable unit that uses energy from the sun using a 16-watt solar panel to kill mosquitoes, spiders and wasps. The residential system is completely non-toxic and environmentally safe, while the instant spray feature conserves your concentrate.

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Vortix Insect Bite Cure Device

If you can’t beat the bugs, you might as well stop the aftermath! The Vortix Insect Bite Cure Device delivers concentrated heat and vibration to the bite. This boosts blood flow and circulation to get rid of irritation and itch quickly and effectively.

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