Best AA and AAA Battery Chargers for Reliable Charging

Updated: Jun. 05, 2024

Running low on battery is never a good thing. Thanks to these rechargeable battery chargers, you never have to worry about falling off the grid!

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Powerol 8 Bay Aa Aaa Battery Charger via merchant

Powerowl Eight-Bay Battery Charger

The Powerowl eight-bay battery charger is a game changer for recharging your batteries. Capable of charging up to eight AA or AAA batteries at a time, this charger only requires 10 hours to have your batteries back to fully powered. Compatible with a USB port, hook this charger up to any laptop, car charger or cell phone charger to get it working.

Energizer Rechargeable Aa And Aaa Battery Charger Ecomm Via Bestbuy via merchant

Energizer Battery Charger

A prominent name in batteries, this Energizer rechargeable battery charger is quick and efficient for charging up to four AA or AAA batteries. With a three- to four-hour charge time, this tool is excellent for quickly charging batteries to get your flashlight, remote or other battery-powered tool up and running.

 Amazon Basics Battery Charger Ecomm Via Amazon via merchant

Amazon Basics Battery Charger

For a speedy charge on the go, this Amazon Basics battery charger is a top pick for charging four AA or AAA batteries. Featuring a lightning-fast four-hour charge time, this charger is a highly rated tool to have with you for home use or travel. Plug this device into a wall outlet to charge your batteries while using its USB port to charge your phone simultaneously.

 Ebl Smart Battery Charger Ecomm Via Amazon via merchant

Ebl Smart Battery Charger

We love this ultra-compatible Ebl smart battery charger for its ability to charge AA, AAA, C, D, and 9V batteries. With its fast-charging time, your AA, AAA, C and D batteries will be fully charged in under three hours, with 9V batteries charging in under 10. Its light-up screen will indicate each battery’s individual charge, and with a simple push of the discharge button, your batteries will be good as new to remove and use.

 Ebl 40 Slot Battery Charger Ecomm Via Amazon via merchant

Ebl 40-Slot Battery Charger

Make sure you never go without power, thanks to this Ebl 40-slot battery charger. Compatible with AA and AAA batteries, this charger can bring life back up to 40 batteries at a time. Its handle makes this system portable, so it should pair nicely with your travel organizer. Bonus: The built-in cooling system makes sure this charger doesn’t overheat during the charging process.

 Panasonic Eneloop Charger Ecomm Via Bestbuy via merchant

Panasonic eneloop Battery Charger

Charge your batteries up to 2,100 times with the Panasonic eneloop battery charger. This charger keeps your AA, AAA, C and D batteries organized and charged in their own spacers for a neat look and personalized charging times.

 Powerowl 16 Bay Battery Charger Ecomm Via Amazon via merchant

Powerowl 16-Bay Battery Charger

Built with a smart LED light, the Powerowl 16-bay battery charger has made it easier than ever to recharge your batteries. Place up to 16 AA or AAA in the circular ring and plug it into a wall outlet to fully charge within a matter of hours. Each battery slot includes three vents to circulate air to keep the charger cool and prevent overheating.

 Ebl Lcd Rechargeable Battery Charger Ecomm Via Amazon via merchant

Ebl LCD Rechargeable Battery Charger

Keep your C and D batteries fully powered with the compact Ebl LCD rechargeable battery charger. Its LCD screen makes it easy to track the charge to see where your batteries are at in the charging process before you’re ready to pop them out and put them to good use.

 Energizer 1 Hour Rechargeable Battery Charger via merchant

Energizer One-Hour Rechargeable Battery Charger

Minimize your time without power with this Energizer one-hour rechargeable battery charger. Charge up to four AA or AAA in one hour or less to get your battery-powered items back up and running. Thanks to the compact size, this charger is a must-have pocket tool for trips or vacations.

Duracell Premium Battery Charger Ecomm Via Target via merchant

Duracell Premium Battery Charger

Continuing on with fast charging, the Duracell battery charger takes charging your AA or AAA batteries to the next level with its 400MW charging power. Charge two AA and two AAA batteries at the same time to acquire a full charge in one to 2.5 hours, and your remotes or devices will always be ready to go.

 Bonai 16+2 Bay Battery Charger Ecomm Via Amazon via merchant

Bonai Battery Charger

This Bonai battery charger now makes it possible to charge your AA, AAA, 9V and 1.2V batteries all within a few hours. Featuring an LCD screen, this charger indicates when each battery is fully charged while the smart charge technology ensures no overcharging, overheating or short-circuiting.