Best Indoor Plant Humidifiers and Misters for Happy Healthy Plants

Updated: Apr. 15, 2024

Humidity-loving plants wither in winter dryness. Give them the moisture they crave with one of these misters or humidifiers.

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Why Use a Plant Humidifier?

It’s essential to check your area’s USDA Hardiness Zone before putting a plant in the ground, but indoor plants provide more freedom of choice. Modern, temperature-controlled homes are suitable for all kinds of plants.

But a plant needs more than just warmth. Tropical houseplants, in particular, prefer a humid environment. If your home’s dry air is causing yellow leaves or another problem, a plant humidifier or mister should help them perk back up. Here are our picks for the best humidifiers for plants that need a little pick-me-up.

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Best Room Humidifier

Dry air leads to dryness in plants and people. A room humidifier will benefit your skin as well as your indoor garden. This effective Levoit Humidifier isn’t the most trendy option on our list, but it emits plenty of moisture and has all the bells and whistles. It can diffuse essential oils to give your home a relaxing aroma, and it’s WiFi enabled so you can turn it on or off with your smart device.

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Small Humidifier for Plants

Small pieces like vases, candles and flower pots are easy ways to incorporate color into your home décor. The O-Mei Stars Small Humidifier comes in pink and blue for the bright and cheerful decorator, but there’s a white option for minimalist homes, too. It sprays continuously for four hours on one charge, or in three-second spurts for eight hours.

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Pebble Tray for Plants

A pebble tray is a simple, natural plant humidifier that requires no electricity. Fill it with water — but not enough to cover the pebbles — and place it beneath your plant. As the water evaporates, it provides humidity for your parched greens. This drip and humidity tray comes in several sizes to fit any container.

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Glass Plant Mister

Some plants like to be spritzed by hand. This gorgeous glass plant mister looks more expensive than it is. It’s six inches tall and looks elegant on a shelf. This is one functional decor element, keeping plants alive indoors all winter.

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Electric Plant Mister

An electric plant mister is fun for the gadget-loving plant parent. Plus, Etsy’s OutgrowYourPot says this electric mister doubles as a cleaning tool. It comes in blue, green and white, and the battery lasts up to five hours on one charge.

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Mini Portable Plant Humidifier

If you’ll be moving between plants at the office and plants at home, a portable stick humidifier is a convenient solution. This travel-sized device from Figrol turns any container of water into a plant humidifier, whether it be a water bottle or repurposed coffee mug.

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Plant Humidifier and Speaker Combo

This innovative plant humidifier is built into a miniature pot — perfect for little tropical plants. And if that wasn’t enough, it also features a Bluetooth speaker and night light. The base comes in red, white and blue, and the light has seven color settings.

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Mini Plant Humidifier Pot

Here’s another plant humidifier and pot combo. This one comes in green, pink and white, and it comes with a faux plant for those without a green thumb. Keep it on your desk to stay hydrated throughout the day, or place it among your other plants to give them the moisture they crave.

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Glass Cloche Bell Jar

Plants produce their own humidity. A glass cloche traps that natural moisture. Double-check to see if your plants are right for a closed-system terrarium before trying this method, for The National Gardening Association warns that the temperature increase beneath a cloche can harm some plants.

Another perk: A glass cloche adds old-world charm to your décor while keeping cats away from your houseplants.

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