8 Interesting Multi Level Deck Designs and Ideas

Updated: May 22, 2024

Get inspired by these luxurious multi level decks with sweeping views and multiple seating areas.

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Curved Multi Level Deck Courtesy @deckremodelers Via Instagram
Courtesy @deckremodelers/Instagram

Curved Multi Level Deck

This deck by @deckremodelers offers separate spacious levels for dining and lounging. There’s easy access to the nearby kitchen from the dining table on the higher level. And after dinner, guests can take a few steps down to the lower level and relax near the fire pit.

The curved design looks great, and the organic shape makes for a seamless transition from the deck to the rest of the landscaped yard.

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Double Decker Courtesy @austinsfinestdeck Via Instagram
Courtesy @austinsfinestdeck/Instagram


Two decks stacked on top of each other, like these from @austinsfinestdeck, work great if there’s outdoor access on the first and second levels of your home.

This design features low-maintenance composite decking and custom modern railings made from cedar. The latter is a popular choice because it’s naturally resistant to rot, decay, insects and moisture absorption. Match the railings on both levels to visually tie the decks together.

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Pint Size Multi Level Deck Courtesy @mg Decks Via Instagram
Courtesy @mg_decks/Instagram

Small Multi Level Deck

Multi level decks are commonly associated with large, luxurious homes. But as shown here by @mg_decks, even small decks can have more than one level.

The upper level of this clever design provides a beautiful entrance to the back door of the house, while the lower level offers a cozy sitting area. A few steps separate the levels. Depending on local ordinances and safety concerns, you may need to add a railing between the levels (not shown).

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Multi Level Deck With Cedar Accents Courtesy @bluechipdecks Via Instagram
Courtesy @bluechipdecks/Instagram

Multi Level Deck With Cedar Accents

This deck by @bluechipdecks spreads out diagonally from the French doors, with just one step down between the levels. The cedar pergola, covered cooking area and built-in corner bench truly make this a dream deck.

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Three Level Deck Courtesy @woodlanddeck Via Instagram
Courtesy @woodlanddeck/Instagram

Three-Level Deck

What’s better than a two-level deck? A three-level deck, of course!

This beautiful deck by @woodlanddeck offers multiple seating areas, outdoor dining and room for a grill. The added space means your guests can spread out without straying too far from the party. Bonus points for that gorgeous cedar pergola in the corner!

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Multi Level Pool Deck Mvklandscapedesign.com
Courtesy MVK Landscape Design Studio

Multi Level Pool Deck

A multi level deck is a great solution when you want to include a pool or hot tub in the design. One level can support the pool while the others feature seating or outdoor dining.

This deck by MVK Landscape Design Studio includes lounge chairs on the upper level with a clear view of the pool on the lower level, plus a second seating area next to the pool. Plenty of space for a pool party your guests won’t forget! Here are our favorite pool decking ideas.

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Award Winning Multi Level Deck Courtesy @tarahillconstructionltd Via Instagram
Courtesy @tarahillconstructionltd/Instagram

Award-Winning Multi Level Deck

This gorgeous deck by @tarahillconstructionltd won a local “Deck Build of the Year” competition, for good reason. The sprawling multi level deck has it all — three spacious levels, stair lighting, multiple conversation areas and built-in planters. The plants add color and life to the deck while defining each seating area.

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Long Multi Level Deck Courtesy @ladecks Via Instagram
Courtesy @ladecks/Instagram

Long Multi Level Deck

The sweeping views from this home call for an equally impressive multi level deck, and @ladecks delivered. The deck runs the length of the house. The lower section in the middle creates a spot for lounging or eating. And the cable railing keeps those views uninterrupted.