12 Items That Get You Organized Like Marie Kondo

Your messy space won't stand a chance with these Marie Kondo inspired organizers!

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By now, you’ve probably heard about Japanese cleaning and organizing expert Marie Kondo and her life changing KonMari Method. Kondo recommends donating items that don’t “spark joy.” Her basic rules for any cleaning process includes decluttering first, and then organizing based on category, not location.

She focuses on how joyous it is to finally have a clean space. We have to admit, we agree. However, unless you have the right organizing tools and containers, it can be difficult to do. After all, how can you organize when you have nowhere to put your stuff?

But don’t worry. There are several organizing tools and containers on the market to help you arrange your favorite belongings in new ways.

Each item below was carefully selected with durability, originality, storage ability and affordability in mind. Most are simple enough to go with almost any home décor. And they all work with different types of items, so you’ll be completely organized with everything from pantry staples to clothes. Here’s all the Marie Kondo inspiration you need!

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Amazon Basics Plastic Desk Organizer Ecomm Via Amazon
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A Not-So-Basic Basic Desk Organizer

Stray pens and miscellaneous office supplies stressing you out? Create pseudo-compartments in your drawers with this chic, simple desk organizer. Small items like staplers and scissors can easily fit in this 9.4- x 6.7- x 2-in. durable plastic box. Its modular design means it can be stacked, too!

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Madesmart 2 Tier Organizer Storage Baskets Ecomm Via Amazon
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A Simple Mesh Organizer

Cleaning up is great — that is, until you can no longer find your favorite things. Luckily, that won’t be a problem with this mesh organizer.

The two-tiered design maximizes additional space, since the two removable storage baskets allow easy access to all your items. The custom dividers lend an additional dose of organization. It can easily be slipped under your desk or the bathroom sink to take advantage of unused vertical space.

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Stori Audrey Stackable Cosmetic Organizer Drawers Ecomm Via Amazon
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Compartments for Your Cosmetics

These clear organizer drawers allow for simple stackable design, and can be used individually too. Each six-inch-wide x 4-1/2-inch tall drawer fits most skincare and makeup products with ease. The clear look means they go with any décor and you can easily see what’s stored inside.

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Bamboo Expandable Drawer Organizer Ecomm Via Amazon
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A Bamboo Cutlery Drawer

This simple expandable cutlery drawer is the space-saving tool you never knew you needed. Made with premium bamboo, it’s expandable from 13 inches to 19.6 inches wide with smooth sliding. The six compartments (eight when full expanded) allow for easy storage of anything from cutlery and tools to jewelry and stationary.

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Indressme Cotton Rope Basket Ecomm Via Amazon
Via Merchant

A Catch-All Basket

Soft, woven, cotton thread is the perfect material for this catch-all basket.  Throw clothes, laundry and blankets inside without worrying about toxic materials or hard edges. Its extra large size means it has ample space for storing just about anything. Place it in a nursery or living room as a fun décor accent, too.

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Evelots Drawer Organizer Ecomm Via Amazon
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A Smart Underwear Drawer

This is truly one of the easiest ways to get your messy drawers organized. This honeycomb-style organizer has 56 slots (yes, you read that right!) in flexible and durable plastic to fit small, easy-to-lose clothing items like socks and underwear in an easy-to-see fashion.

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Doiown Pants Hangers S Shape Ecomm Via Amazon
Via Merchant

A Complete Hanger for Your Closet

Hangers are amazing for keeping your entire closet organized, and these hanging options take full advantage of vertical space. Made of durable and rust-resistant steel, they’ll keep all your clothes tidy and available. One hanger holds five pairs of pants.

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Pots And Pans Organizer For Cabinet Ecomm Via Amazon
Via Merchant

Pots and Pans Cabinet Organizer

Having pans stacked on top of each other in a cupboard means a total mess any time you need to remove the bottom ones to cook. Eliminate that issue with this genius organizer. Heavy-duty iron construction ensures everything remains stable. Its eight tiers fit pots of all shapes and sizes, so you never have to worry about losing an item again.

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Wickes 3 Piece Floating Shelf Ecomm Via Wayfair
Via Merchant

Modern Floating Shelves

Being organized doesn’t mean hiding all your objects behind various compartments. After all, you want to show off some of your favorite things, too!

These modern floating shelves are durable, easy to install and versatile. The reclaimed wood easily mounts onto any wall and saves a ton of space whether you use it in the bedroom, kitchen or living room.

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Storage Rack For Bathroom Satin Ecomm Via Wayfair
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A Hanging Towel Rack

This rack keeps towels organized without taking up tons of hanging space. Six vertical arms store small towels, making full use of all unused wall space. The pretty steel finish brings style and durability to your bathroom.

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Madison Avenue Wall Cabinet 2 Doors White Ecomm Via Target
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A Classic Cabinet

Okay, yes, this is obvious. But a classic cabinet is a must-have for an organized home. This multifunctional piece features multiple, adjustable shelves to store all your essentials. The durable engineered wood and tempered glass means it’ll last.

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Window Plant Shelf Ecomm Via Etsy
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Shelves for Plant Parents

Don’t worry, we didn’t forget about the plant aficionados! This powder-coated acrylic set of shelves allows for a seamless design that blends into windows. And the light isn’t impeded in any way, allowing your succulents to shine. Marie Kondo inspiration approved!

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