Indoor Herb Garden Ideas and Inspiration

Updated: Dec. 01, 2023

Get inspired to keep fresh herbs always within reach with these beautiful and creative indoor herb garden ideas!

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Window Shelves Courtesy @womansworkco Via Instagram
Courtesy @womansworkco/Instagram

Window Shelves

Your indoor herb garden will need a lot of sun. That’s why these DIY glass window shelves by @womansworkco are so genius! The shelves help free up counter space and ensure your little herb babies get plenty of that essential direct sunlight— most herbs need about five to six hours each day. These elegant glass shelves are a great choice because they don’t block the beautiful view through the window.

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Lots Of Pots Courtesy @vaughnhillhome Via Instagram
Courtesy @vaughnhillhome/Instagram

Lots of Pots

For a handcrafted farmhouse look, steal this herb garden idea from @vaughnhillhome. A collection of whitewashed terracotta pots and stands in varying heights (you can use cake stands) create this lovely arrangement of herbs by the window.

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Living Wall Courtesy @ht Creative Via Instagram
Courtesy @ht_creative/Instagram

Living Wall

Transform a blank wall into an herb garden like @ht_creative with wall-mounted rails and containers (here’s the IKEA system she used). Make sure the wall gets plenty of sunlight before installing your garden. What’s great about this herb garden is how it’s completely customizable. Keep stacking on more rails if you want a larger garden, and the plants can be rearranged on the rails as needed.

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Upcycle Glass Bottles Courtesy @maeknot Via Instagram
Courtesy @maeknot/Instagram

Upcycle Glass Bottles

Before planting her herbs outside, @maeknot grew herbs inside old beer bottles placed on her windowsill. It looks cool and is a great way to reuse glass bottles before sending them to be recycled. This unique Bottle Stopper Garden Kit has everything you need to start a bottleneck herb garden, including the bottle inserts that hold the purple, Thai and lime basil seeds. The roots grow down into the water in the bottle for a self-watering system.

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LED Light Garden

A TikTok user showed how this popular AeroGarden Harvest Indoor Garden works. The futuristic-looking garden holds up to six herb plants using only water and no soil. It includes an LED grow light to maximize photosynthesis and light-up icon reminders when the plants need more water or plant food. All of this makes growing fresh herbs easy for even the blackest (aka brownest) thumbs.

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Here’s an idea for a modern design for a vertical indoor garden. These pots @umbra_design are perfect for herbs and functions well to get the most natural lighting possible. It is a great space saver! #indoorgarden #gardening #herbs #design #gardenproject #plants #fy #fyp #ideas #inspiration #healthylifestyle #sponsord

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Vertical Herb Garden

This modern vertical herb garden by @plantedinthegarden features both hanging plants and a plant tree stand. To create a similar indoor herb garden, choose planters in the same shape and color to achieve a cohesive look. Arrange everything near the window for optimal sunlight. Keep in mind that indoor herbs should be watered about two to three times a week depending on indoor humidity.

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Diy Hanging Herb Garden Courtesy @providence Mom Via Instagram
Courtesy @providence_mom/Instagram

DIY Hanging Herb Garden

To make your own hanging herb garden like this one from @providence_mom you’ll need to install two reasonably sturdy curtain rods. Mount one rod above the window and the second one about a quarter of the way down (leave enough distance so the first row of pots won’t hit the second curtain rod). Then hang hooked planters on both curtain rods. Instant garden!

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Metal Beverage Tub

This quick tutorial from @rainydaygirldesigns shows how to turn a metal beverage tub into an indoor herb garden. The most important step is adding a layer of rocks before filling the tub with potting soil. The rocks help the soil drain so it doesn’t get over-saturated, which encourages healthy root growth. Happy roots, happy herbs!

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Wall Mounted Planter Courtesy Via Instagram

Wall-Mounted Planter

Here’s another wall-mounted herb garden idea from This modern planter filled with fresh herbs adds stunning visual interest to the kitchen (especially against a gorgeous tile backsplash!) and helps save counter space. Here are some similar-looking wall planters with a more affordable price point.

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