Home Inspector Nightmares: Volume 25

Updated: Feb. 28, 2023

Here’s another batch of photos from our home inspector friends. If these fixes are any indication of what people are doing, it’s a wonder there are any houses left standing.

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Roof Support?

Framing’s done! A little sheetrock, and the naughty kid cage will be complete! I’d guess the roof might be sagging a bit, but what’s going to prevent the ceiling underneath these struts from doing the same?!
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Where’d it go??

I guess the rest of the cap is down inside the chimney somewhere. Looks like repair was attempted at some point. But the whole cap should have been replaced instead of glued together like an old coffee mug.
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Deck framing for Dummies

When you frame a deck there are certain rules of thumb to be followed. And there’s not a single thumb’s worth under this deck.
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Fancy Jack Post

Fancy Jack Post

At least the post has been color-coordinated. That’s an easy way to make something temporary look permanent, but I wouldn’t be too eager to step out on that deck! And those blocks don’t count as post footings. Photo: Courtesy of Structure Tech
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Public Service Announcement

This is terrible! How are your friendly neighborhood scrappers supposed to make a living!? Well, until they start making extension cords out of plastic, they’ll get by. PEX tubing sure is a nice solution to a lot of plumbing installations.
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What’s the worst thing that could happen?

Oh, I don’t know maybe the garage roof could cave in on top of your Porsche Cayenne. Notching load bearing beams or even joists is never a good idea.
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The Versatility of Duct Tape

One more place where duct tape is going to come up a little short. But that hose clamp at the top should take care of it, right? I think some new vent flashing is in order.
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Rooftop fish pond?

Smart homeowners know that regular water changes are required to maintain healthy Koi fish. There are much easier ways to install ponds - in the backyard of course. They don't even need a ladder!
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Sideways isn’t just a movie

As weird as this whole setup is, the weirdest part is the P-trap mounted sideways. Properly installing an undersink drain system isn’t rocket science.
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Republican tree?

Or does it just lean to the right? I guess it depends on where you take the picture from. Either way, it’s important to trim branches away from power lines.