6 Exterior Window Trim Upgrades

Updated: Feb. 07, 2024

If you're looking for quick, inexpensive ways to improve your home's curb appeal, start with freshening up the windows. Here are some ideas to get you started.

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teal exterior window trim on house
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Add a Splash of Color

Painting is a quick and easy project if you’re new to DIY. Paint your trim a bright color or something like a dark black to contrast with your home’s exterior walls. Another fun idea: Use multiple colors. Paint the parts of the trim that go over the windows one color, and the trim along the perimeter of the window another.

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two windows with flower boxes on exterior of house
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Add Window Boxes

Another way to add color to your home’s exterior: Build window boxes and fill them with flowers. Window boxes add dimension to your home and can really give nice curb appeal. They’re also relatively simple to put together without too many tools. Finish them with stain or a coat of paint.

It save time, you can also buy planter boxes online. This option on Amazon comes with an easy installation kit. Order it in black, espresso or white.

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Traditional style home with window shutters
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Add Shutters

Window shutters, like window boxes, are quick DIY projects that add curb appeal. There are plenty of styles and designs to choose from. Pick a bold paint color or a trendy wood stain to finish them off. Shutters also protect windows against severe weather — imperative in certain parts of the country.

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window grids on two windows on exterior of house
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Add Window Grids

If you’re OK with adding a pattern over your view, a removable grid like this one by Anderson Windows adds dimension and a modern look to your windows. There are dozen of window grid installation kits available on Amazon.

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exterior of home windows with green trim
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Add a Thicker Frame

Thicker trim will make your windows look larger and give your home a classic look. Drawing eyes to the windows will help give them character and make your home stand out from the street.

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exterior of residential house
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Add Angles

Use angles to make your windows look larger and add extra dimension to your home. Sharp angles can enhance your home’s window shape. You can also add extra dimension beneath the windows, like this manufactured stone veneer.