Don’t Start Your DIY Projects Without These DIY Apps

Updated: Jun. 27, 2023

Can't find your level? Not sure how that hot paint color will look in the bedroom? No problem! Let these DIY apps be your guide for your next home improvement project.

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If you’re planning a home remodel this year, you’re not alone. Houzz Interior Design Ideas is the top app for improving and designing your home. You can browse more than 15 million photos to get inspiration, whether you’re in search for ideas for a small bathroom remodel or just want to update your living room décor. The app works for both Android and iOS.

Photo: Courtesy of Houzz

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Need to change a car tire? Want to build a workbench for the garage? The app wikiHow covers everything—from home and garden projects to how to apply makeup and how to get your dog to pee on command. It’s designed for both Android and iOS.

Photo: Courtesy of wikiHow

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Trying to repair an old smartphone or tablet? Need help fixing a dishwasher? Download the iFixIt app to your Android to look up repairs you can do yourself. The app will walk you through diagnosing problems for everything from car and electronic repairs to fixes for household appliances.

Photo: Courtesy of iFixIt

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Choosing paint colors can be a difficult task. Many major paint companies now have DIY apps to help you make the right choice. Behr ColorSmart is free for iOS and Android and will let you preview colors and help you calculate just how much paint you’ll need for the job.

Photo: Courtesy of Behr

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FH03MAY_02834_033 Hardwood Floors with Varying Widths
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Handyman Calculator

If you’re trying to determine how much wood flooring you need to buy, there are calculator apps can help. One is The Handyman Calculator, which is free for Android users. lt will help with simple unit conversions, has a density calculator and offers a weight tool.

These tips will help you make the right decision when shopping for wood flooring.

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iHandy Level

Misplace your level? The iHandy Level is free for both Android and iOS and is easy to use for even novice carpenters. Users rave about the app’s woodgrain and lighting effects.

Photo: Courtesy of iHandy Level

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The HomeAdvisor app (free for both Android and iOS) will connect you with a professional to help you with home improvement projects that you aren’t able to tackle yourself. From electricians to plumbers to carpenters, all professionals found through the app have passed a criminal background check.

Even skilled DIYers should hire a pro for these projects.

Photo: Courtesy of HomeAdvisor

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Eden Garden Designer

The Eden Garden Designer helps you design gardens on your iOS device. Upload an image of your yard and search for plants by height, name, plant hardiness zone or even color to see how it would look.

Here are complete instructions for how to build a rain garden in your yard.

Photo: Courtesy of Eden Garden Designer

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The TapPainter app for iOS will take the guesswork out of paint matching. Just upload a photo and it will help you see how your room will look in different colors.

Looking to match up a hot paint color with your bedroom decor? Find inspiration here.

Photo: Courtesy of TapPainter

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Clean and dirty furnace filters
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POJO Home Maintenance DIY Apps

The Home Maintenance iOS app from POJO will help you keep track of your next furnace service appointment, when you’re getting your deck repaired and when you’re expecting a delivery of materials. Keep track of everything in one place and get alerts when something is due for servicing.

Regularly changing the furnace filter is a must-do. Here’s how.