8 Best Bulbs for Bathroom Lighting

Our home editor spoke to an interior design expert to find the best light bulbs for bathroom use for every budget and style.

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Sylvania Led Lightbulb Via Amazon
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If you’re upgrading your space and looking for the right incandescent or LED bulbs for your home, your bathroom will likely need a different set of lighting options than other rooms. Focus on long-lasting efficiency and crystal-clear light that mimics natural daylight.

What to Consider

“The coolest and best smart light bulbs you’ve got in your living room won’t necessarily translate well in your bathroom,” says Jane Harper, an interior design expert specializing in spa settings.

“That’s because other rooms of your home focus on warm, inviting light that adds ambiance and coziness. The best light bulbs for bathrooms are almost the opposite, though. You want a bulb that offers a crisp, neutral light that looks and feels like standing in the sun.”

Harper suggests considering other modern features in bathroom bulbs, too.

“Picking LED bulbs will take some of the hassles out of lightning maintenance because they last so long, and you’ll want to find sizes and shapes that fit neatly inside your fixtures,” she says. “Bathrooms are prone to high humidity and excess water, so having an exposed bulb can cause issues — even if you think it’s a trendy look.”

Here’s how to choose LED bulbs like a pro.

Our Bathroom Light Bulb Picks

These are the best light bulbs for bathroom use according to utility, price and customer reviews.

Dimmable Vintage Edison Filament Led Light Bulb Via Homedepot
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Dimmable Vintage Edison Filament LED Light Bulb

This clever six-pack of soft white LED bulbs offers everything you’d want in bathroom lighting, because their tone mimics the same light that streams through a window. They’re ideal for anyone who stands in front of the vanity fixing their hair, doing makeup or anything else that requires clear lighting.

These dimmable bulbs use 93 percent less energy than a standard incandescent light bulb.

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Philips G25 Halogen Globe Light Bulb Via Homedepot
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Philips G25 Halogen Globe Light Bulb

These 60-watt equivalent bulbs come in an affordable three-pack set. Their on-trend globe-style design adds just enough glamour to a lighting-encased vanity or dressing table.

They also offer respectable energy efficiency. The manufacturer estimates a yearly energy cost of just $4.82 based on three hours of use per day, and approximately 11 cents/kWh. They’re fragile, though, so you’ll want to try this greased lighting trick. (Ahem, greased lighting — not lightning.)

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Sylvania Led A19 Light Bulb Via Amazon
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Sylvania LED A19 Light Bulb

These energy-efficient bulbs come in a cost-friendly multipack you’ll happily invest in. With 800 lumens of light output at only 8.5 watts, they make replacing old incandescent bulbs for these brighter lighting options an easy choice.

“Generic bulbs cannot hold a candle to the quality of these lights,” writes verified Amazon purchaser Sinonon R. “These bulbs do not flicker (like so many cheap ones), they are the perfect interior color temperature, and are quite robust.

“I love these bulbs so much I bought another case in the event Amazon stops the sale of these. I cannot find any negative things to say — they’re just quality LED light bulbs.”

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Ge Halogen Globe Multi Faceted Light Bulb Via Lowes
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GE Halogen Globe Multi-Faceted Light Bulb

Whether you’re looking for detailed high-end bulbs or a little vintage charm in your bathroom, these GE halogen globe bulbs are a bright idea.

Their multi-faceted surface reflects light in an almost shimmery way and adds just the right amount of elegance to penny tile floors and feminine vanities. The 43-watt medium base puts out a soft white glow that offers universal appeal.

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Tala Porcelain Ii Led Bulb Via Potterybarn
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Tala Porcelain II LED Bulb

Treat your spa-like sanctuary to a matte glass orb-style bathroom bulb like the Tala Porcelain II. It’s a high-end, luxurious touch for bathrooms encased in marble and other jaw-dropping finishes.

The porcelain-beige tone offers warmth, while the LED technology rewards you with a 30,000-hour lifetime. Each bulb is six-watt LED, or a 40-watt equivalent. And yes, it’s dimmable.

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Ohlux Smart Wifi Led Light Bulbs Via Amazon
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Ohlux Smart WiFi LED Light Bulbs

This four-pack of dimmable Ohlux WiFi LED bulbs is your best bet if you’re committed to hub-free smart home technology in your bathroom. They offer multi-color capabilities and warm-to-light tone changing. They’re compatible with Alexa and Google Home.

Verified Amazon purchaser Jose loves these customizable bulbs. “The best feature is the color temperature control for morning and night,” he writes. “It’s just the best for the money in its category and almost beats Hue.”

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Tala Pluto Clear 3w Led Vintage Bulb Via Crateandbarrel
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Tala Pluto Clear 3W LED Vintage Bulb

The smaller-sized Tala Pluto bulb shows off traditional filaments in crystal-clear glass with an iron tint for eye-catching vintage appeal. Compatible with most fixtures, it offers rich, warm light to bathroom sconces and larger collections of small bulbs.

The best part? It’s dimmable. It also offers an impressive display at 240 lumens each when grouped.

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Sunco Lighting Vanity Globe Led Light Bulbs Via Amazon
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Sunco Lighting Vanity Globe LED Light Bulbs

These impressive LED globe-shaped bulbs boast an E26 Edison screw base that’s simple for lighting novices of all types. They offer sunlight-like quality for the best bathroom lighting experience and the ideal setting for morning beauty routines. They’re also dimmable and Energy Star listed, providing utility with environmental responsibility.

“I am very fussy about my bathroom lighting and had always purchased 5000K light bulbs which are extremely bright — almost like hospital lighting,” writes verified Amazon purchaser Jennifer M. “The price is way cheaper than purchasing at the hardware store and I will definitely be buying again when needed!

“These are energy savers and only use 6W so if you accidentally leave the light on you don’t have to worry about wasting lots of energy! If you want nice bright white lighting where you can actually see yourself in the mirror, this is the bulb for you!”

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