Save on Cleanup with These Versatile Grill Mats

Updated: Aug. 25, 2023

Get rid of your grandpa's old fish-grilling basket—these grill mats are the way to go!

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Save On Cleanup With These Versatile Grill MatsVIA MERCHANT

No matter your thoughts on the age-old smokers vs. grills debate, a grill mat is a necessary accessory for any good pit master. Some people think a grill mat, also called a grill pad, is something that goes under your grill to protect your deck or patio from dripping grease and burning embers. However, a grill mat is actually a flat and sometimes flexible surface that goes on your preheated grill grates. (I should know, as I’ve been a food writer and pit master for over two decades).

Cooking on grill mats does have advantages. These accessories save on cleanup since food can’t stick and burn, which is especially great for pellet smoker grills. With a quick wash with soap and running water (or a run through the dishwasher), you can use them over and over. They expand your outdoor cooking repertoire on gas grills, so you can grill smaller diced vegetables, delicate fish, and kebabs, or even melt cheese over burgers without burning cheese dripping on your hot coals.

They’re handy to take on picnics or camping trips to cover dirty public grills or allow you to do things like fry eggs and pancakes. If you want to make grilled pizza, you definitely need a grill mat. Thinner, flexible grill mats can come into the kitchen and double as pan liners or even as wipe-off work surfaces for crafts and cookie decorating. Now that we’ve raked that over the coals, which grill mat is the best choice for your grill? Find out below!

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Kona Nonstick Bbq Grill Mat
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Kona Nonstick BBQ Grill Mat

If you weren’t sure that a grill mat was a grilling tool you needed, then you haven’t heard of the nonstick Kona mat. Consistently ranked as one of the best picks on grilling sites, this nonstick BBQ grill mat is also one of the thickest. You get two in a package, and each one can be washed and reused repeatedly. While most grill mats can’t handle temperatures above 500 degrees, Kona’s can take up to 600 degrees. It comes in regular or extra large, which is big enough for a four-burner gas grill. Additionally, the Kona grill mat is free of POFAs and comes with a 7-year warranty. What could be better?

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Yrym Ht Copper Grill Mat
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YRYM HT Copper Grill Mat

Copper grill mats, like this option from HT, don’t just look fancy—they are usually thinner and more flexible than standard black nonstick mats. And because the copper fibers conduct heat, you can still get grill marks on your food. They’re also easier to clean up since the lighter color makes it easier to see stuck-on food when washing up. This copper grill mat set comes with five reusable mats and two silicone brushes to add to your collection of grill brushes. This copper grill mat is also dishwasher safe (but on the top rack only). Pro tip: Only use wood, plastic or silicone utensils to avoid scratching the mat!

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Looch Bbq Mesh Grill Mat Set
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BBQ Mesh Grill Mat Set

Mesh grill mats may be the best of both worlds, making them great grilling gifts. While they’re nonstick for easy cleanup, the openings in the woven mesh allow smoke and air to circulate, adding more flavor to your grilling experience. This mesh grill mat set comes with five mats, and they’re thin enough to trim if you need a round shape for a kettle or Kamado grill. Plus, this mesh grill set is durable enough to use up to 100 times. Talk about getting bang for your buck!

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Renook Grill Mat Set Of 6
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Renook Grill Mat Set

At around $12 for a pack of six, Renook is one of the most affordable grill mats on the market. The nonstick and reusable mats are thin enough for grill marks to come through. They’re also easy to trim to fit your grill. Additionally, they are dishwasher-safe on the top rack and can double as baking or oven mats.

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Aibob Grill Mat Pad
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AiBOB Grill Mat Pad

As long as we’re on the subject of grill pads, this under-grill mat is a great choice to protect your deck, patio or grass. The top of the pad is a polyester fabric that absorbs oil, grease and water. The rubber backing is nonstick and skid-resistant, so it will stay put and prevent grease from leaking through, staining your deck or patio. It comes in four sizes, and two of the sizes are even fireproof!

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