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11 Unique Ways to Display Your House Number

Your house number not only helps visitors find your home, it can be part of your home's exterior design. Instead of going with some generic-looking numbers, why not try making your own? Here are 11 unique ways to display your house number. Just be sure your numbers are visible, which will help if there's ever an emergency.

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Rustic Modern

Distressed wood and metal are a great combination to display your house number. Adding a little shelf for a potted succulent is another on-trend touch.

Check out these 8 succulents that make great ground covers.

Photo: Courtesy of DistressedMeNot via Etsy

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house numbers hung from a treeKelseyJ/Shutterstock

Hung from a Tree

If you have a large tree in your front yard that is visible to the roadway, try making some numbers that you can mount to the tree. Just be sure to keep any limbs pruned so the numbers are never obstructed.

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screw house numbers

Screwy Numbers

These industrial-style house numbers are made by drilling a whole bunch of screws (or you could use nails) partway into a plank of wood. These numbers look cool and are extremely durable!

To get all the screws drilled just right, check out these tips on how to drive screws perfectly.

Photo: Courtesy of Instructables

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house numbers post signJewelzz/Shutterstock

Landscaping Sign

Try making a sign with some scrap wood and a wooden stake to display your house number amid your landscaping. (You’ll probably also want another larger sign that can be seen by first-responders.)

You know landscaping can help improve your home’s curb appeal.

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concrete house numbersFamily Handyman

Concrete Numbers

You can make these DIY concrete house numbers (be sure to check out the video!). Try adding some solar lights to help light up the numbers after dark.

Check out these 14 outdoor lighting trends for 2018.

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paint house numbers on a rockNomad Paws/Shutterstock

Paint a Rock

If you have a large rock as part of your landscaping, use it to display your house numbers.

Check out these tips for choosing the best exterior paint for the job.

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On a Wreath

This DIYer used a wreath to clearly display house numbers. Read about this project at DIY Inspired.

Looking for more wreath ideas? Try these!

Photo: Courtesy of DIY Inspired

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wood and metal house number sign

Wood and Metal Sign

Christine from Pinspiration Mommy created this house number display using wood and metal. The entire project took her about one hour.

This would be a good project to use up some pallet wood.

Photo: Courtesy of Pinspiration Mommy

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Flower Pots

The DIYer from Raggedy Bits used flower pots to display her house number. Just don’t plant any cascading plants—such as petunias—that could obstruct the numbers. Herbs would be a good choice.

Photo: Courtesy of Raggedy Bits

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Scrabble tile house numbersjaturonoofer/Shutterstock

Scrabble-Like Tiles

The use of Scrabble tiles among DIYers has been a popular trend for years. If you’re a woodworker, try creating house numbers that replicate the look of Scrabble tiles. Just make sure they are big enough to be readable from the street.

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house numbers welded to a rockHans wrang/Shutterstock

Attached to a Rock

Here’s another way to use a rock as part of your house number display. Just attach some numbers from the hardware or antique store to the rock. Add a low-voltage outdoor light to help it remain visible after dark.

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