10 Homemade Barbie Houses You Wish You Lived In

Updated: Sep. 23, 2022

Barbie's got some taste when it comes to her homes.

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Beautiful Barbie Home

The detail in this Barbie home is exquisite and why shouldn’t it be. It’s a house fit for Barbie, right? You can’t really argue with the interior decorating but maybe you’ll want to move the rooms around a little. If you like the wallpaper in this Barbie house, then you’ve got to see these 15 stunning accent wall ideas that you might want to use.

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Build Your Own Barbie House

A little plywood, wallpaper and paint put this Barbie house together and it looks great. The furniture comes separately but window work and porch area makes this a gorgeous Barbie house. If you have an old Barbie items in your home you might they might be worth some money, just like these 25 items.

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Mid-Century Modern Barbie Home

If Barbie lived in an urban environment this is what it might look like. The furniture is certainly stylish and the lighting fixture gives an industrial vibe.

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Barbie House by CNC

The great thing about a CNC router is that they can create awesome things like this Barbie house. For more advanced woodworking projects, check out these 10 great-looking projects.

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Barbie Mansion

This Barbie house is more like a mansion with its four levels. Barbie’s never really been a fad, but these are the 25 craziest toy fads we’ve seen.

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Barbie Balcony

Barbie is living large in this house. From the large balcony to the spacious bedroom and living room. If this got scaled out it’d be a pretty big place, maybe as big as the largest homes in the country.

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Basic Barbie

This Barbie house is short on special features but it’s still pretty sleek. Plus, it’s got an attic to make it a little more realistic. You never know what you’ll find in an attic, like these 14 times someone found a fortune in an attic.

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Move In Ready

This Barbie house is perfect for a child with an active imagination. It doesn’t come with furniture so they could build their own. It looks like Barbie has a lot of friends in this house. Check out 15 awesome retro toys that are still fun to have around.

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Craftswork Special

There’s a ton of details with this Barbie home. It looks like images were burned into the plywood int he background, which is a great alternative to make a bunch of furniture. Then check out the balcony railing, it’s a neat touch.

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Build Your Own Barbie House

For a few bucks you can purchase the building plans for this Barbie house. It’s an instant digital download vector file that you can use to build it. Just make sure you know these 12 awesome ideas for storing toys so you don’t have a mess on your hands.