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Susan Martin

location-pin Holland, Michigan

School: University of Michigan

Expertise: landscaping and garden

Susan Martin

  • More than two decades working in horticulture.
  • Master Gardener.
  • Published in Family Handyman, Garden Gate, The Gardener’s Idea Book, Garden Crossings, and numerous additional industry trade publications, catalogs, and websites.
  • Works with garden-based clients at every level of the supply chain: breeders, growers, retailers, brands, and consumers.


Susan Martin is a prominent and prolific Michigan-based garden writer, speaker and coach who enjoys sharing her passion for plants, gardening and the business of horticulture with fellow plant enthusiasts across North America. She has spent over two decades working in horticulture in new plant development, garden design, sales, marketing and consulting. Susan has received visitors from around the world in her home garden which has been featured in numerous publications. Her goal is to inspire and educate people about how to garden every day.


Eastern Michigan University
University of Michigan
Master Gardener

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