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Joe Churchill

location-pin Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota

School: University of Minnesota

Expertise: Lawn Care

Joe Churchill

  • Published in journals within the professional turf industry, such as SportsField Management (formerly Sports Turf magazine), as well as Family Handman print and digital, where he's acted as our go-to turf pro for more than a decade.
  • Recipient of the Minnesota Golf Course Superintendent's Association Watson Award and the Minnesota Parks Supervisor's Association Supervisor's Award.
  • Speaker at several professional conferences within the Green Industry.


Joe Churchill is a 40-year veteran of the Green Industry. During his career, Joe has helped turf professionals in the lawn care, golf and sports turf markets grow healthier, better-looking and safer turf. He currently is a Senior Turf Specialist for Reinders, Inc., endorsing turf maintenance programs that promote common-sense cultural practices improving overall lawn care health, while becoming less dependent upon the use of turf pesticides, water, fertilizer and other inputs. He's also an adjunct instructor at North Hennepin Technical School and speaks at Green industry professional conferences. He’s always happy to coach beleaguered lawn owners, whether through his Family Handyman content or in the grass seed aisle of his local garden center.


University of Minnesota, BA in Geography and Horticulture
Anoka Vocational Technical Institute, Turfgrass Management

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