Janelle Full 13   Janelle Leeson

Janelle Leeson

location-pin Portland, Oregon

School: The University of Akron

Expertise: product testing, pets, outdoors and camping

Janelle Leeson

  • BS in Biology
  • Three-time Certificate of Excellence winner (via the Cat Writers' Association).
  • Writing has appeared in publications including DotDash Meredith's Paw Print, Centennial Media's Inside Your Cat's Mind and Inside Your Dog's Mind, Family Handyman, the USA Today Network, NBCUniversal, INSIDER Reviews, PetMD, Daily Paws, Great Pet Care, The Dog People by Rover, The Wildest, Fetch by The Dodo, Cuteness and more.


Janelle Leeson began writing in 2020 as a passion project for sharing how and where to travel with cats. She quickly realized her decade-long career as a biologist felt muted compared to the insistent curiosity that came with content writing and reporting. So Janelle stopped writing about endangered species and started writing more about pets. Since then, she's covered domestic pet behavior and health, first-hand product reviews, and e-commerce roundups for outlets including Rover, Paw Print, Fetch by the Dodo and more. She lives in Portland, Oregon, with her husband, two adventure cats and a flock of urban hens.


The University of Akron, BS Biology

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