Upgrade Your Water Bottle With The New Yeti Hotshot

The new Yeti HotShot cap changes the way you drink hot and cold drinks — and you'll love how affordable it is.

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Staying hydrated while camping, hiking or working in the yard is vital to health and safety. And the new Yeti HotShot cap is finally here to change the way you drink from your favorite refillable bottles.

Reviewers on yeti.com have already given this innovative twist-off cap a nearly perfect score, and we ranked Yeti among the most important tailgating gear you need to keep hot drinks hot and ice cubes frozen. Plus, you’ll love how affordable the cap is. Here’s everything you need to know about the newly launched Yeti Hotshot. Ready, set, sip!

What is the Yeti Hotshot?

It’s nice to see the HotShot cap keeps up with Yeti’s well-designed bottles. This almost magical twist-off cap offers 360 degree drinking to top all of the Yeti Rambler bottles you already own. Or you can buy an 18-ounce Rambler affixed with the new cap.

How does the Yeti Hotshot work? With just a half twist and a click, sip from any side of the cap and enjoy a perfect piping-hot drink — or a cool one. It’s ideal for morning commutes and long hikes because the cap keeps your precious caffeine hot while promising a 100 percent leakproof seal. No more leaks!

Yeti is one of our favorite bottle brands. The bottles all boast no-sweat design and dishwasher-safe construction thanks to double-wall insulation. That means it keeps your drinks at their intended temperatures for hours at a time. They’re also shatter-resistant and come in a more modest 12-ounce size if you’re looking for smaller sips.

The extremely durable stainless steel construction is also a dream for those prone to rugged adventures and clumsiness. It’s nearly impossible to break, dent or ruin Yeti Ramblers.

The best part? We’ve all had that awkward moment where we’ve tried to take a sip of something hot while talking or doing something important (like watching the big game), but our lips latched onto the wrong area. Instant soaked shirt. The 360-degree drinking feature on the Yeti HotShot lid solves that problem.

Yeti Hotshot Cap On Whitevia yeti.com

Where to Buy the Yeti Hotshot

If you already own a Yeti Rambler bottle collection you can buy the HotShot caps on their own on Amazon or Yeti’s website. Each cap costs $12.99. Otherwise, you can purchase a new 18-ounce Rambler bottle ($29.99) or 12-ounce Rambler ($24.99) bottle with the Yeti HotShot already built in.

The Yet HotShot comes in a standard black color that’s universally appealing. The brand’s Rambler bottles feature a dizzying array of colors and patterns that guarantee something for everyone.

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