Things Other Than Books You Can Put In A Little Free Library

Updated: Apr. 24, 2024

Little Free Libraries aren't just for books. Here are other brilliant options.

You’ve probably heard of a Little Free Library, or at least seen one in your neighborhood and wondered what it was. It’s a simple concept: A box on a post in a front yard with free books for your neighbors to borrow and return, like a regular library. Little Free Libraries work best when there are several in the same neighborhood, so you’ll typically see a few near each other.

While books are by far the most common item, you can put just about any item inside a Little Free Library. We highlighted the most creative and popular options we found on social media. If you want to share the joys of reading with others, here’s how you can DIY a Little Free Library of your own!

Little Free Pantry

One of the most wholesome options is a pantry, like this one with canned food. The Little Free Pantry nonprofit, launched in May 2016 in Arkansas, now has locations in all 50 states and parts of Canada.

You can find the nearest pantry and register your own pantry here,  The website also has answers frequently asked questions, like what food should you put in a Little Free Pantry.

Little Free Plant Stand

Another popular option is a Little Free Plant Stand. Neighbors can share plants they divided, those they no longer want, or something they think their neighbors want more of in their neighborhood.

Little Free Blockbuster

Blockbusters are popping up around your neighborhood. And no, you haven’t been transported back to the ’90s.

Little Free Blockbusters are like regular neighborhood libraries, only with movies instead of books. The Little Free Blockbuster Instagram page shares project ideas. You can find the nearest location to you on their website.

Little Free Kindness Rocks

You can spread kindness in a multitude of ways, including with rocks. This fun project would be great for kids to paint their own rock, then share it with a neighbor.

Stick Library

Little Free Libraries aren’t just for humans. You can also build one for your four-legged friends.

Rather than throwing away fallen sticks in your yard, put them in a stick library for local dogs to play with on their walks. You can also put out toys or treats for dogs, but make sure they’ll hold up in all weather conditions.