Discounts on Kidde Smoke Detectors and Products

The Kidde smoke detector sale offers a rare opportunity to stock up on seldom-discounted fire safety essentials.

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Now is the best time of year to upgrade your home to a hardwired smoke alarm and stock up on other fire safety and prevention essentials.

Installing UL-certified smoke alarms in your home is a vital fire safety measure that may save lives. Kidde, the bestselling fire safety brand, is running an epic sale at The Home Depot, and the deals are simply too good to pass up.

Which Kidde products are discounted?

You’ll find prices on Kidde smoke alarms, fire extinguishers and even voice-based alarms marked down significantly. Expect almost everything suggested in our list of fire prevention tips to be discounted, with some items dipping below five dollars.

When can I find deals on Kidde Smoke Alarms?

Add your favorite Kidde fire safety products to your cart ASAP before this discount ends October 31. With popular items selling fast, don’t sleep on these deals. You might want to consider adding a few extras to your cart while prices are low and items are in stock.

What are the top Kidde Smoke Alarm deals?

Firex Hardwired Smoke Alarm with Battery Backup Four-Pack

Firex Hardwired Smoke Detector With Battery Backup 4 Packvia

This package of hardwired smoke alarms offers four units at a discounted price to help keep an entire small home or apartment protected from fires. Each unit has battery backup and easy front-loaded battery access. Take 20 percent off this already affordable set and buy it for $39.97 instead of the usual $49.97.

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10-Year Worry Free Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm

10 Year Worry Free Smoke And Carbon Monoxide Detectorvia

Double up on home fire safety and carbon monoxide detection with this Worry-free model that boasts a 10-year lithium battery. It offers continuous detection, even when the power goes out — which means you won’t get those annoying chirps either.

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Code One 5BC Fire Extinguisher

Code One Fire Extinguishervia

This basic-use fire extinguisher is recommended for supplementary fire protection to address contained flammable liquid and electrical fires around the home – including the kitchen. It comes with a wall mount and strap. It’s marked down 34 percent so you’ll pay $9.88 instead of the usual $14.97.

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Firex Hardwired Combination Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm Two-Pack

Firex Hardwired Combination Smoke And Carbon Monoxide Detector 2 Packvia

This combination unit offers the reliable detection of a hardwired system and comes with adapters and voice alarm technology. The best part? You get two per pack. They’re marked down 10 percent to $79.97 instead of the usual $99.00.

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Firex Plug-In Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Firex Plug In Carbon Monoxide Detectorvia

This nifty carbon monoxide alarm plugs into wall outlet and offers AA battery backup for extra protection. It’s marked down 33 percent, so scoop these up fast. Buy it for $19.97 instead of $29.97.

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Basic Use Fire Extinguisher Two-Pack

Basic Use Fire Extinguisher 2 Packvia

Having an extra fire extinguisher within reach is good fire containment policy. Whether you’re purchasing an extra fire extinguisher to keep outside by the barbecue or inside as a backup, this two-pack of fire extinguishers is a fantastic deal at $29.97. That’s 33 percent off the usual $40 price tag.

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10-Year Worry Free Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm Two-Pack

10 Year Worry Free Smoke And Carbon Monoxide Detector 2 Packvia

You’ll feel safe with this two-pack of worry-free smoke and carbon monoxide detectors from Kidde. They’re a top-rated item at The Home Depot and tend to sell out quickly even at full price.

They offer two-in-one detection, a 10-year lithium battery and voice alarm alerts in case of fire, carbon monoxide or low battery life. They’re currently nine percent off, or $89.97 instead of $99.

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Code One Smoke Alarm

Code One Smoke Detectorvia

This is the most affordable fire safety device we’ve seen yet, reminding us that fire prevention and home safety can be had at any budget. The battery powered Code One smoke detector unit features an ionization sensor and goes for less than $6 during the Kidde smoke detector deal.

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