How to Get Rid of Coyotes

Learn how to get rid of coyotes.


Coyotes are typically classified as a pest species because of their predation (the killing by one living organism of another for food) habits. They prey on sheep, chickens and pose a threat to pets and people. It may seem strange to see this wild canine in your yard, but with a loss of habitat, as well as a decline in their main competitor, the wolf, it’s becoming more and more common to see coyotes in residential areas. If you’ve never had an issue before but suddenly find yourself wondering how to get rid of coyotes, we have you covered!

Ever wondered why dogs kick up the lawn after they pee? It’s called “ground scratching,” and is a passed down trait from wolves and coyotes.

How to Get Rid of Coyotes

When it comes to understanding how to get rid of coyotes, you should first understand their role in the ecosystem. The creatures play a large role in keeping the rodent population down, so while their propensity to dine on pets and livestock can be troublesome for homeowners or farmers, retaliating in an inhumane way is certainly not the answer.

You may not want coyotes near you, but you may want to buy coyote urine! Used to keep pests and critters at bay, it identifies your property as home to a predator.

Removing their food sources from your home is a great place to start. Feed your pets indoors and be sure not to leave pet food outside at any time. Keep garbage cans tightly sealed, ensure proper waste disposal to keep rodents at bay, and remove all cover vegetation like overgrown grasses, bushes and trees. Also ensure fallen fruits and seeds from under your trees are cleaned up.

The Nationwide Directory Of Coyote Control Professionals recommends practicing exclusion by building a fence, which will keep them out once they have been expelled from your yard, or as a preventive measure. Strong wire mesh or pickle strip fence toppers on your fence will make it an even better deterrent. “Tall fences work best because coyotes are mostly able to jump over short fences. They are also good diggers, so it is best to build your fence to extend below ground level by a few feet or put a layer of concrete around the fence.”

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If you have a coyote in your shed, open the door and stand away from the entrance. Never try to remove a coyote yourself since it may carry rabies and could defensively attack you. Once the coyote exits, make sure all entrances to the shed have been securely closed.

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If you have a chicken coop, and there are coyotes in your neighborhood, you can bet one will come to investigate. In that case, install a tall fence (the taller the better!), to keep your chickens safe.

Install motion-sensor lights outside of your home, garage, chicken coop and sheds. When the lights turn on, the coyotes will be alarmed and run off. A motion sensor that triggers a sprinkler system is also a good idea.

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