Toolipedia: Drywall Screw Gun

Updated: Mar. 03, 2021

Toolipedia: Everything you wanted to know about drywall screw guns.

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What is a drywall screw gun?

A drywall screw gun is an extremely useful tool for drywall professionals and DIYers. A drywall screw gun functions similar to a standard drill with a few slight differences. First, it has a dedicated Phillips head bit that is semi-permanent. Second, most types drywall screw guns have an adjustable depth gauge to prevent the screw from driving in too deep and ripping the paper. However, still leaves a dimple to make finishing easy. Finally, most drywall screw guns have a pressure driven clutch. This engages the drill motor when the screw pressed into the drywall and disengages when the screw is driven in. Here are the basic parts of a drywall screw gun:

  1. Handle
  2. Trigger
  3. Forward/Reverse
  4. Belt Clip (optional)
  5. Depth Adjustment
  6. Dedicated Drill Bit
  7. Drill bit housing

Though a standard drill and a drywall bit can be used, a drywall screw gun speeds up the drywall hanging process. Because of the increase in speed, many drywall professionals, remodelers and even DIYers prefer to use a drywall screw gun on larger projects.

How is a drywall screw gun used?

Operation basics

  • Brace drywall to prepare for hanging
  • Ensure that depth is adjusted properly
  • Place screw on bit (most are magnetic and will hold the screw steady)
  • Engage the trigger
  • Press the screw into the drywall at the desired location
  • Drive the screw in until the depth is reached and the drill stops driving the screw

Accessories needed

  • Replacement bits


  • Drilling screws into drywall can produce dust, wear proper eye protection
  • Clutch driven motors can create pinch points once they engage, keep your support hand away from the point of drilling

What are the different types of drywall screw guns?

  • Drywall screw guns can be battery powered or corded
  • Some drywall screw guns take collated screws
  • Some drywall screw guns have built in belt clips
  • Some drywall screw guns have removable drywall driver ends
  • Some manufacturers make a drill/drywall screw gun combos

What makes a good drywall screw gun?

  • Powerful motor
  • Belt clip
  • Easily adjustable depth guide
  • Smoot clutch engagement

Dewalt makes a high quality drywall screw gun.

Drywall Screw Gun Tip

Test a few screws on a scrap piece of drywall before starting, to ensure that the screws are driven into the proper depth.