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Pro Plumbers Use These Tricks For Picking The Right Garbage Disposal

Choosing the right disposal can be tricky especially when you want to make your clients happy. The more you know about disposals, how they work and the many options out there, the better equipped you’ll be. So here are some simple tips to help you choose the right unit for your clients.

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Focus on Power and Quality

Consider a garbage disposal to be a long-term investment. Choose one that matches the needs of the family to the disposal’s capabilities. There are a few things to consider, starting with the age of the home. Older homes typically have narrower pipes which call for a disposal with a finer grind, like a disposal from the InSinkErator Power Series. Also keep in mind what types of food the client enjoys at home and how often they have meals there. If the client cooks multiple meals a day, and enjoys meats and fibrous fruits and veggies, a disposal with ¾ or full horsepower will best tackle the job.

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Appreciate Innovation

You already know garbage disposals aren’t created equally. Why not get to know those that go above and beyond? Look for systems offering hygienic benefits, like leak-guard liners. And be on the lookout for accessories like the anti-microbial baffle, which kills bacteria as it passes into the disposal. Bear in mind: Disposals keep food waste out of the garbage, where bacteria develops and creates harmful gases like methane as food decomposes. So, double-down on safety with a disposal that has hygienic innovation.

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Be as Green as You Can Be

When it comes to being eco-friendly, think of it this way: Garbage disposals are a great complement to composting. There are, after all, foods that cannot be composted, like dairy, meat and fish. And, depending on your client’s location or housing situation, composting sometimes isn’t an option. Disposals keep food waste out of landfills, where it creates methane gas which is 25 times more damaging to the environment than carbon dioxide.

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Consider Noise Control

You don’t have to live with a loud grind and neither do your clients. Some garbage disposals are constructed using techniques and materials that absorb vibrations made by the disposal, and these are good options if your client’s household is sensitive to noise. InSinkErator, for example, makes noise-muffling disposals, the PRO Series, featuring the top-rated Evolution PRO 1100XL. Just remember: the kind of sink you have can also influence sound. Thin-walled stainless steel rattles more than cast-iron composite or heavy-gauged stainless steel.

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Read (and Double-Read) the Warranty

What will you do if your client’s disposal needs repair or stops working? Warranty information will guide you, so think ahead and read before you suggest the purchase. One important factor is if the warranty stays with the unit or the buyer. InSinkErator even offers an over-the-counter warranty on PRO Series units for plumbing professionals.

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After Shopping, Make Your Client Stay in the Plumber’s Mindset

Once your clients have the newly installed disposal, teach them how to give the same TLC that a professional would. Run it with cold water only to prevent clogs. And don’t ever put fats, oils and grease in your disposal — that effects all the plumbing, not just the disposal system. Plus, this leads to better customer satisfaction and loyalty.