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15 Frugal Workshop Storage Ideas

Most of these genius workshop storage ideas are likely in your home already. Click through the following 15 handy hints to find some that will work for you:

Shoe Box Touch-Up Paint Kit

Create a reusable paint touch-up kit with an empty shoe box. Fill the box with a small roller and roller cover, a paintbrush, paint can opener, gloves, stir stick, etc. Then cover the shoe box lid with saran wrap, fill it with a bit of paint and use it as a roller tray.

C-Clamp Paper Towel Rack

Create an instant paper towel dispenser with two C-clamps. Position and clamp them a roll's width apart in a convenient spot, hold up the roll and push in the handles to hold it. Buy slick-looking C-clamps and install them in the kitchen, then fib to visitors about your chic designer hardware.

Shoe Holder for Spray Product Storage

Keep spray paints, lubricants, etc., organized and out of the way in a hanging shoe holder. The material is easy to clean, mounts quickly to a wall or door in your workshop and has pockets sized perfectly for holding various spray products.

Towel Bar Storage Solution

Next time you update your bathroom, save the old towel bar! You can use it for a variety of garage storage solutions. This handy hint works great because it can store some of your most used items in an easily accessible spot.    

Table Saw Basket

Here's a solution for keeping all your table saw paraphernalia— push sticks, miter fence, extra blades, wrenches—in easy reach and free of sawdust. Attach a plastic storage basket under one side of the saw table with four pieces of stout, vinyl-coated wire. Table saw designs vary, but most have predrilled holes in the wing edges, and you may be able to temporarily loosen a couple of bolts under the table, like we did, to twist the wire on and retighten the bolts to hold it. For best storage, add a plywood shelf or two, drilled out with a large spade bit so it won't collect dust. Attach the shelves with 3/4-in. machine screws through the plastic into the plywood.

Safer Blade Disposal

Save that empty spice container with a removable lid—it makes a great blade disposal container in the workshop. That’s what reader Bill Nelson does! The container is durable and can hold several used utility blades, damaged nails and other sharp objects to be thrown away without cutting the trash bag open or posing a hazard in the shop.

Sealed and Stored

Here's a slick tip to keep partially used caulk tubes well sealed and at hand. Fold a piece of duct tape over the open tube to seal it, leaving a few inches of extra tape. Drive a nail through the tape and hang the tube on pegboard.

PVC Pipe Clamp Rack

Are your pipe clamps missing in action right when you need them? Never again, thanks to this slick snap-in, snap-out storage rack, made from PVC pipe. For 1/2-in.-diameter iron pipe, use 3/4-in. PVC, and for 3/4-in.-diameter pipe use 1-in. PVC. To make the rack, cut 2-in. lengths of PVC, and with a hacksaw or band saw, slice them lengthwise about 3/16 in. past the diameter's center line. This creates the gripping action to firmly hold the heavy iron pipe. Drill and countersink two holes in each PVC piece, then space and screw them along a pair of 2-in.-wide boards. Attach the upper board to your shop wall and snap a pipe clamp in either end to position the lower board for screwing to the wall. Plus: 28 secret clamping tricks from woodworkers.

Rx Bottle for Storing Fasteners

Repurpose your empty medicine bottles to store fasteners such as nails, screws, washers, etc. Remove the original label, so you can clearly see the contents inside.

Ladder Hack: Magnet Extra Hand

Attach a round base magnet to the top of your ladder for an extra hand that can hold nuts, bolts, screws, etc., for you while you work. Round base magnets have a premade hole in the center, so all you need to do is drill a hole in the top of your ladder and secure the magnet with a bolt and nut.

Store Spray Paint in a Wine Box

Corral your pile of spray paint in a wine box for storage. The interior dividers in a wine box are sized perfectly for the narrow cans, and the colorful lids remain visible when you look inside.

Bungee Cord Paper Towel Storage

There are plenty of creative uses for bungee cords, and in my home, we were in desperate need for some extra kitchen storage space. We created this bungee cord paper towel storage solution in our garage with four eye hooks, two bungee cords and a wall with open studs. — Mike Davenport

How to Make Tool Organizers with Gutters

Make inexpensive compartments for your tool bag using PVC gutter downspouts. Carefully cut the downspouts into pieces that will fit vertically inside the bag and glue them together. Then organize your tools inside the compartments.

Saw Blade Roost

Here's a double-duty holder for storing and cleaning table saw and circular saw blades. It features a slotted dowel to keep stored blades spaced apart so the teeth stay sharp.

Using a handsaw, cut notches spaced at 3/8-in. intervals halfway through a 5/8-in. dowel. Glue the dowel in a hole drilled in a 16 x 12-in. piece of 3/4-in. plywood. Frame the sides and lower edge of the plywood with 2-in. strips of plywood and add a lower facing piece to create a basin at the bottom.

When a blade needs cleaning, remove the other blades and line the rack with tinfoil. Then mount the gunked-up blade on the dowel, spray one side with oven cleaner, and flip it over and spray the other side. Any drips go in the basin, and the sides minimize overspray. Let the cleaner work for an hour or so, then use a moistened kitchen scrub pad to scour the dissolved gunk and burned sawdust off the blade. Then throw away the foil and store your blades.

Simple Paintbrush Protection

The Family Handyman reader Joe Martin uses a piece of pre-taped plastic to protect and shape his paintbrushes after each painting project. What a great additional use for a convenient painting product!