How to Line Drawers and Cabinets with Shelf Liner

Choose the right liner and you'll never regret taking a few minutes to protect your shelves, your drawers and your stuff.

Installing clear plastic, nonsticky shelf and drawer liner is a quick, inexpensive project with multiple benefits.



1 Hour




Why bother?

We recommend clear plastic liner (sold at IKEA, home centers and discount stores). Why? The self-adhesive stuff is nasty to remove and can leave residue on the surface when you remove the liner. Spongy, no-slip liner is another option, but it usually has little spaces (holes) in it, which means crumbs and dirt will end up on the surface beneath. Also, it’s not always no-slip—it can bunch up and shift when you put items in or when you take items out. And it's not as easy to keep clean.

Here's what you'll need.

  • Something to measure with (ruler or tape measure)
  • Something to mark with (pencil or pen)
  • Straightedge (ruler or other straight edge, like a piece of cardboard)
  • Liner
  • Scissors (if you have an off-set handle scissors, use that)
  • Reusable mounting putty (made by Scotch, Elmer’s, Dap and others), optional

It's easy!

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