How To Build a Herringbone Wine Rack

Build this herringbone wine rack before your next dinner party and your guests will be impressed with its simple-yet-stylish design—not to mention its storage capacity! Pocket holes create very strong joints with hidden fasteners, so the only features of this piece that stand out are the sleek lines of the herringbone pattern.

This project can be constructed in minutes with just eight uniform pieces of 1x8 pine and a pocket-hole jig. Here's how to build a herringbone wine rack:

Tools & Materials

8-ft. 1x8 pine board
Wood finish (two colors)
Wood glue
Pocket-hole jig
Pocket-hole screws


First, cut the 1x8 pine board into eight uniform 10-in. pieces. Then finish the pieces using two contrasting colors, which will help to highlight the herringbone pattern of the completed wine rack. We used a dark, walnut color and a whitewash. Let the pieces dry completely.


One day




Step 1: Drill Pocket Holes

Step 2: Build the First Layer

Step 3: Herringbone Pattern Takes Shape

Step 4: Build the Second Layer

Step 5: Glue the Layers Together

Step 6: Allow Glue to Dry

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