Repair a Torn Fiberglass Screen

Fix holes in screen windows or doors with patches and glue.

How to fix a torn screen

If you're fed up with the mosquitoes buzzing around your head and keeping you awake all night, how about fixing the screen? Patches will be visible and can look a bit tacky, so if the tear is large or the screen is in a highly visible area, replace the entire screen. Otherwise, take 20 minutes and just patch the hole.

If your screen is fiberglass (it'll feel like fabric), buy 1/2 ft. of new fiberglass screening off the roll at the hardware store or home center or ask for a few small cutoffs. Also pick up either a rubber-based glue or Super Glue Gel. Then follow Photos 1 and 2. The key to a nice-looking repair is holding the straightedge tightly against the workbench so you can make a clean cutout (Photo 1).

If you've got an aluminum screen with a small hole, buy a patch kit at the hardware store or home center. It will contain several precut 1-1/2-in. patches with preformed hooks that fasten directly to the screen

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