Saving Money

Great ideas and tips on ways to save money around your home.

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Save Money with a High-Tech Thermostat

Use a two-stage thermostat with a two-stage furnace to save on your heating bill

Rent Outdoor Power Equipment and Save Money

Rental tools that save time and toil

Frugal Living Tips for Homeowners

Spend smart, spend less, save more

Tips for Better Gas Mileage & Fuel Economy

These gas-saving tips will make a noticeable difference in your fuel costs.

Get Yourself out of Prickly Plumbing Predicaments

Even pro plumbers run into unforeseen problems on the job. Veteran plumber Les Zell shares the cool tools and tips...

How to Get the Best Deal on a New Car: Do Your Homework First

Heres a quote from a friend of mine who owns two car dealerships: These days we get two kinds of...

How to Save Money: Replace Brake Rotors

A couple weeks ago, I drove my wife's car for the first time in a while.

Don’t Be Cheap! 10 Common Mistakes When Trying to Save Money Painting

DIY painting projects save you lots of cash (versus hiring a pro), so don't skimp on the paint or painting...

How to Save Money on Insurance

Slash your premiums! These tips will help you save money on home and car insurance bills, either from things you're...

What Is Houseplant Insurance?

Struggling to keep your houseplants healthy? It might be time to look into houseplant insurance.