These home safety tips will help you keep your family safe during storms, prevent home fires and show you how to work alone safely.

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    15 Things Home Inspectors Wish You Knew

    These things home inspectors wish you knew can help sellers prepare for a home sale and make buyers aware of...

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    15 Hidden Dangers in Your Home You Should Never Ignore

    Some of these hidden home dangers aren't easy to spot. Keep tabs on these problem areas to solve issues before...

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    Fact or Fiction: Are Nonstick Pans Safe?

    According to a new report, certain nonstick cookware releases “forever chemicals” into the food we eat. Here’s what you need...

    The Best Outdoor Security Lights for Your Home

    Don't be left in the dark! With the best outdoor security lights you'll know exactly what's going on around your...

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    Should You Have Air Quality Monitors in Your Home?

    An indoor air quality monitor can detect dangerous gases, chemicals and particulates in your home. Find out how they work...

    7 Tips to Keep Your Home Safe from Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

    It's time — now — to make sure your carbon monoxide detectors are in place and working to protect you...

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    Dirty Facts About Winter Clothing (and Tips for Keeping It Clean)

    Keep safe and healthy this winter by cleaning your cold-weather outerwear more often to stop the spread of germs and...

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    What You Need to Know About Egress Windows

    To convert your basement into a bedroom, you'll need an egress window. Discover what they are and why they're so...

    The 7 Best Ice Melts to Keep Your Home Safe This Winter

    This winter, keep your driveway, walkways and porch safe with a combination of ice melt and regular cleaning.

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    5 Best Practices For Contractors Working Alone

    If you find yourself working alone on a jobsite, follow these best practices for safety and productivity.

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    Why You Should Always Trim Candle Wicks Before Lighting

    Here's why the simple step of trimming a candle's wick before lighting will help you maximize the life of your...

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    This Month Holds the Highest Risk for Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

    December ranks as the riskiest month for carbon monoxide poisoning as temperatures drop, furnaces fire up and more people gather...

    Best Home Safes Security Experts Use in Their Homes

    These are the best home safes to protect your personal items from everything from burglars to catastrophes.

    Shop Local with These 10 Holiday Gifts From Small Businesses

    From memory blankets to peanut brittle to fingerboards, local vendors are delivering quaint and clever products that make special gifts.

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    10 Potential Holiday Dangers for Your Dog

    The holidays bring good cheer, which we all need, but they can also present some dangerous situations for your dog.

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    Use This Trick If Someone Is Stealing Your Mail

    Do you have a sneaking suspicion that some of your mail is being picked up by thieves? Here's how you...

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    How to Prepare for a Winter Storm: A Comprehensive Guide

    Prepare for winter storms before you're snowed in. Here's what you need to do.

    SURVEY: Contractors Concerned With Long-Term Effects of COVID-19

    COVID-19 isn't going away soon, leaving contractors to figure out how to work through.

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    Why You Should Never, Ever Put Your Feet on the Dashboard

    You may say it's comfortable, but it really isn't worth the risk.

    13 Things That Become Fire Hazards Without Proper Cleaning

    Continually putting off cleaning these items around your house can actually be dangerous.

    Can Homeowners Insist Contractors Wear Masks In Their Homes?

    Social interaction is an essential part of most home repairs, but can be dangerous in the midst of a pandemic....

    Severe Weather: How to Prepare for a Hurricane

    When watches, warnings or evacuation orders are issued, you need to know what to do. Review this checklist and stay...

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    Essential Tips for a Safe Halloween in 2022

    Halloween health concerns should still be top of mind, even as the COVID-19 pandemic wanes. Here are some things you...

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    You Need to Check this Home Safety Feature Before Winter

    Before you've got a house full of guests, be sure to check this home safety feature. The best time is...

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    7 Best Cold Weather Face Masks for Coronavirus

    Stay warm, cozy and stylish this winter with these doctor-recommended face masks for cold weather, from neck gaiters to reusable...

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    12 Everyday Items That Can Be HUGE Security Risks

    Unfortunately, in today's super-connected world your personal information is at a higher risk than ever. But adjusting some of your...

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    The Best and Worst Face Masks for COVID-19 Protection

    Wearing a face mask can help stop the spread of COVID-19, but some masks are better than others. A recent...

    It’s Construction Safety Week. Here’s Everything You Need to Know

    This week's safety initiatives provide access to training resources and educational materials for employers and employees. Learn more here.