These home safety tips will help you keep your family safe during storms, prevent home fires and show you how to work alone safely.

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The 5 Best Heated Outdoor Mats That Melt Snow and Ice

Snow and ice accumulation outside your house isn't just inconvenient—it's dangerous. These heated outdoor mats will help you melt away the risks.

The 6 Best Pet-Safe Ice Melts to Use This Winter

Protect your furry friends this winter! Our resident pet expert shared the best pet-safe ice melt products.

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10 Apartment Door Security Tools That Won’t Break the Bank

Sleep soundly at night knowing your home is safe from intruders.

The Best Smoke Detectors of 2022

Finding the best smoke detector for your home is one of the smartest and safest decisions you can make.

Why You Should Upgrade to a Hardwired Smoke Detector

Hardwired smoke detectors are an important safety upgrade to your home.

The Best Outdoor Security Lights for Your Home

Don't be left in the dark! With the best outdoor security lights you'll know exactly what's going on around your...

Why 2022 is the Year You Need a Home Fire Escape Plan

Having a fire escape plan is one of the most important things you can do for your family's safety, and...

Discounts on Kidde Smoke Detectors and Products

The Kidde smoke detector sale offers a rare opportunity to stock up on seldom-discounted fire safety essentials.