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Keep the house up to date and in-season with a wide array of home improvement topics and ideas.

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      How and Where to Install a Carbon Monoxide Detector

      Carbon monoxide detectors are an essential part of keeping you and your family safe in a home or apartment. Learn...

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      How to Re-key a Door Lock

      Change your locks yourself by removing the lock cylinder and changing the pins.

      Setting Up a DIY Home Security System

      Install a reliable security system in just one day. DIY home security systems will help to protect your home and...

      10 Smart Ways to Save on Homeowners Insurance

      Cut down your home owners insurance expense by learning some easy ways to reduce the bill. Check out some quick...

      How to Insulate a House

      Do it right to save $$, stay warm

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      How to Upgrade and Replace Lightbulbs

      Replacing outdated lightbulbs in your new home can create the atmosphere you want and lower your electric bill. Here are...

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      How to Organize and Store Important Documents at Home

      Closing on a home generates mountains of paperwork. Here's how to get organized so you can locate any important document...

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      Home Warranty Coverage for New Homeowners

      Owning a home is the American dream. Consider protecting your investment with a home warranty. Here's what you need to...

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      When is the Best Time to Start Growing a Garden?

      Planting vegetables in spring is a delicate business. Here, experts explain how to know when to start a garden.

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      4 Ways to Get Internet at Your Off-Grid Cabin

      Like the idea of living off the grid, but don't want to give up the internet? Learn about the options...

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      Risks of Skipping a Home Inspection

      Thinking of skipping a home inspection? You may have a better chance of sealing the deal, but there are significant...

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      How to Organize Your Freezer From Start to Finish

      Follow these simple steps to tame the chaos in your freezer, ensuring it's organized and stocked with food that's safe...

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      How to Protect Kids from Toxins in the Home

      Poisoning from household substances sends tens of thousands of kids to the ER every year. Here's how to protect your...

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      12 Best Cleaning Products for Your Car

      Here are 12 of the best cleaning products for your car, according to both experts and product reviewers. These products...

      How to Paint Concrete Floors

      Transform your concrete basement or garage floor with a fresh coat of paint.

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      5 Deer-Resistant Flowers for Spring

      Tired of watching your tulips come up in spring, only to be eaten back down to the ground? Plant these...

      Save Hundreds on Our Favorite Modern Furniture and Couches

      The Apt2B Lucky Break sale ends March 29th. You have until then to save 17 percent off their entire site,...

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      10 Vintage Trucks That Never Went Out of Style

      These classic trucks are still seen on the road today. Their old age and storied pasts make them all the...

      What to Do if Your Catalytic Converter Is Stolen

      Catalytic converters are an increasingly popular target for thieves looking to make a quick chunk of change. Here's what you...

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      How to Get Rid of Stink Bugs in Your Garden

      Stink bugs not only stink but are also tough to kill in your garden and your house. We talked to...

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      Why Are White Caterpillars So Bad For Your Garden?

      Tiny holes in your cabbage leaves were likely made by cabbage white caterpillars. Here's how to get rid of them...

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      What to Know About Virtual Interior Designers

      If you need a little help redecorating your home, online design companies can lend a hand — without breaking your...

      Watch Out! These 10 Phone Call Scams Could Steal Your Money

      Those scammers are sneakier than you'd think, but you need to protect your money and information.

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      Deals We Love: Cordless Leaf Blowers

      Two great leaf blowers from reputable manufacturers offered at reduced prices just in time for fall. What could be better?

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      What to Know About Solar Umbrellas

      Solar umbrellas offer convenient access to alternative energy and a nice shady spot on your patio. What's not to love?

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      12 Home Organization Apps to Streamline Your Routine

      Finding it hard to keep track of your family's meal planning, homework, chores and other tasks? These home organization apps...

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      8 Best Car Maintenance Apps Available

      Do you hate keeping track of your vehicle's maintenance schedule? These apps can track service, repairs and fuel economy with...