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      Tips for Saving Money When Framing a House

      Save money up front and through the building process with these tips to frame a new house.

      Stop Believing These Summer Maintenance Myths

      Believing these myths might actually be costing you money!

      Did You Know You Can Return Building Materials?

      Clear up some clutter in your workshop and make a little money by returning those unused building materials.

      White House Holds Summit On Housing Industry Supply Chain Issues

      As supply chain constraints continue to limit home building, industry leaders met with government officials to plan a course of...

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      10 Basement Remodel Ideas

      On the hunt for basement remodel ideas? Get your wheels turning with these stunning spaces that are anything but an...

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      7 Outdoor Dog Kennel Ideas and Designs

      Any structure that shelters your dog can be considered a kennel. And it doesn't have to be an eyesore. These...

      Family Handyman Reader Projects: Outdoor Spaces

      We asked Family Handyman readers what kinds of projects they tackled during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic lockdown. The results were...

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      How Much Does It Cost To Paint the Interior of a House?

      The money spent to paint the interior of your house is well worth it. Whether you hire a pro or...

      What is a Victory Garden?

      Born out of necessity during wartime, Victory Gardens now are a great way for gardeners to learn sustainability and self-reliance.

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      How To Clean Outdoor Cushions

      Keep your outdoor cushions looking and feeling fresh with these smart and easy cleaning methods.

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      How To Choose a Leash for Your Cat

      Walking a cat is not like walking a dog. But with the right cat leash system, your feline friend can...

      How to Fix a Leaking Sunroof

      Clearing a clogged drain tube will solve the problem

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      33 Brilliant Ways to Save Money at Home

      You don’t have to cut corners to cut costs. These simple projects and maintenance tasks will help you achieve the...

      50 Super Dangerous Signs That Could Kill a Home Buy

      You might miss some of these signs when viewing a home

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      Moving into a New House? Here are 21 Things You Need to Do ASAP

      Use the opportunity of moving into a new home to set yourself up for years of DIY homeowner success. Check...

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      13 Best Sink Cleaners

      There are more germs in the kitchen sink than in the toilet after flushing! Clean and sanitize the kitchen sink...

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      5 Lessons We Learned While Building a Deck

      When you build a deck from the ground up, you're going to learn some things. Here are some of the...

      Surefire Way to Clean Your Computer Ports

      Clean out your computer ports with this common household item.

      15 Tools You Didn’t Know You Can Buy at Costco

      You may head to Costco to stock up on pantry staples and other supplies, but did you know they carry...

      20 Earth Conscious Home Ideas Through the Years

      Have you heard of the Earthship?

      40 Handy Hints for Cleaning Every Nook and Cranny of Your House

      You’ll have every corner of your house spick-and-span in no time by following these seriously smart house cleaning hacks. You...

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      11 Best Under the Sink Organizers for the Bathroom and Kitchen

      Cabinets under the sink can be a trap for clutter, where it's out of sight and out of mind. Get...

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      6 Best Car Vacuums For Cleaning Inside Your Vehicle

      Do you know what to look for in a car vacuum cleaner? Here's our shortlist of the best car vacuum...

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      Want to Make Your Home Less Dusty? Here Are 11 Easy Solutions

      Dust is obnoxious. Within a day of wiping down your furniture and electronics, you'll see those nasty specks completely covering...

      Homeowner’s Guide to Buying Rugs Online

      Here's how to buy rugs online. We spoke to a rug expert and ordered three rugs online to demystify the...

      Home Renovation Leads to Unusual Backyard Find

      You never know what you'll find tearing apart an old house.

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      10 Things You Shouldn’t Be Storing on Your Kitchen Countertop

      If you're like most people, you probably use your kitchen counter as a catch-all for various odds and ends, food-related...