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      Home Repair Tools for the Pro

      We picked a bunch of tools that we thought our pro readers and you serious DIYers would find valuable for...

      Tackle Tricky Plumbing Problems

      Check out these great solutions to plumbing problems that were not what they seemed.

      10 Cleaning Tips for Your Whole House

      Simplify and speed up dusting, vacuuming, stain and scum removal and other house cleaning chores with these 10 whole-house cleaning...

      9 Genius Tips for Organizing Kitchens and Clearing the Clutter

      Make more space in the kitchen without remodeling or adding more cabinets. Learn how with these easy, attractive solutions to...

      10 Instant Tricks to Make Your Apartment or Home Feel Cozy

      When cold winter calls, so do the holidays, begging us to stay indoors and celebrate family, food and fun. But...

      Make a Shoe Rack with Modern Style

      Here's how to make a trendy, modern ladder shelf for your entry with just $35 worth of supplies and only...

      Holiday Houseguest Prep Checklist: Prepare Your Home for Overnight Guests

      Before family and friends descend on your home for the holidays, make sure you're prepared. With these fix-ups, decorating ideas...

      Pumpkin Carving with Power Tools

      Want to have some fun with your power tools this Halloween? Put them to use carving pumpkins! You just might...

      6 Secret Problems Your Old House Might Be Hiding

      by: Houzz

      Whether you live in an older home or are considering buying or remodeling one, there are old-house problems...

      8 Principles of Organizing That Work in Every Room

      Feeling overwhelmed by your stuff? Here's how to make your things more findable and easier to put away.

      8 Savvy Storage Solutions for Converted Attics

      Find a home for all your stuff in the upper reaches of the house.

      How to Hide Your Home’s Mechanics

      Get ideas for clever ways to disguise your ducts, air returns, drains and more.

      8 Built-In Storage Solutions for Small Spaces

      Check out an architect's guide to some inspiring ways to build in extra cabinets, shelves and cubbyholes at the start...

      Black Flag® Insecticide Eliminates Flying Insects on the First Try

      One can of a high-quality wasp, hornet and yellow jacket spray is enough to kill off a nest as long...

      How I Saved Money: I Made an Old Door Energy Efficient

      Save money by sealing your exterior door with aluminum and vinyl weatherstripping.

      Bathroom Lighting: Keeping it Simple

      For great bathroom lighting and remodeling projects, check out these stories.

      How to Save Money on Insurance

      Slash your premiums! These tips will help you save money on home and car insurance bills, either from things you're...

      Best Air Tools for Automotive work

      You'll get more jobs done faster-and better-by expanding your collection of air tools. Air tools speed up auto work and...

      17 Smarter Renovation and Home Improvement Tips

      These home improvement tips will help you to work smarter in every remodeling or renovation project

      10 Tutorials and Christmas Decorating Ideas

      For the holidays, skip the annual Christmas decorations shopping trip, and instead, build all your own holiday decor right at...

      Clutter-Busting Strategies For Every Room

      Use these tips to organize the whole house!

      Instant Storage Solutions

      Find more storage everywhere in your house!

      Use Less A/C and Cut Your Electric Bill

      It doesn't take much time or money to slash your cooling costs. Just follow these tips for energy savings.

      Packing, Organizing and Storing

      Now's the time to decide what to ditch, donate and store.

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      What to Consider When Choosing a Car Wash

      Protect your investment by washing your car regularly. Taking it to a commercial car wash can save time, effort and...

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      Unbelievable Hacks for Keeping Mosquitoes Away For Good

      Mosquitoes certainly know how to ruin a pleasant summer evening. Avoid them this summer by using one of these unique...

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      Best Flowers for Bees and Other Pollinators

      Help the pollinators around your home by planting flowers for bees, many of which are easy to grow and low...