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Keep the house up to date and in-season with a wide array of home improvement topics and ideas.

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      Carpet Cleaning Tips for Pet Owners

      Don't wait! Take 5 minutes to clean up the problem

      DIY Mudroom Storage Cubby Plans

      Cure back-door chaos!

      How to Change a Motorcycle Chain and Sprockets

      We asked an expert to walk us through the entire component replacement process with a Yamaha 350.

      Slanted Garden Tool Rack Plans

      This may take the record for the world's simplest yard tool storage project.

      DIY Garage Storage: Super Sturdy Drawers

      Super big, super tough, super easy

      DIY Decorating: Frame Your Mirror With Glass Tile

      A tile framed mirror that's a work of art

      Garage Cabinet Storage

      Convenient work space and storage galore in one weekend

      Mud-Busting Boot Scrape

      A great scrap wood project

      DIY Garage Cabinet

      Get hanging storage and shelving with this two-hour project

      Storing Your Compact Compressor

      Save floor space and get organized with this sturdy compressor stand

      Remodel a Bathroom with Marble Mosaic and Limestone Tile

      A marble mosaic and stately limestone transform this bath from staid to sumptuous.

      Storing and Organizing Car Care Products

      Simple shelves plus a handy worktable

      Home Organization Tips and Storage Tips

      7 of our favorite projects to help you cut the clutter

      Garage Storage Solutions: One-Weekend Wall of Storage

      Create your own custom storage system in one weekend

      Garage Storage: Backdoor Storage Center

      Get clutter off the floor and out of the house with these 5 quick storage solutions

      Garage Storage Project: Shovel Rack

      Keep your long-handle yard tool up and out of the way.

      Garage Storage Projects: Storage Towers With Drawers

      A versatile storage system that's perfect for organizing all of your odds and ends.

      Garage Storage Projects: Plywood Rack

      A handy storage rack that lets you get at the plywood sheet you need!

      Get More Garage Storage With a Bump-Out Addition

      Create a storage nook for your motorcycle (or anything else) with this economical addition

      Cabinet Facelift

      Six simple, attractive kitchen upgrades you can do yourself—without replacing your cabinets

      Tips and Techniques for Safe Extension Ladder Setup and Use

      Tips and Techniques for Safe Extension Ladder Setup and Use

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      How to Build a Message Center

      This cabinet keeps everyone's schedule within easy reach without cluttering up the kitchen

      How to Work with Scaffolding Safely

      How to rent, setup and use scaffolding when you have to work on your roof, siding or chimney.

      Installing Large Garage Cabinets

      With this 2x2 frame and panel system, you can add 80-plus cubic feet of storage in an afternoon

      Garage Storage Ideas: Find Unused Space

      The average garage has more than 150 sq. ft. of unused storage space. We'll show you where to find it.

      How to Organize: Garage Storage Projects

      One-day storage projects that organize odds and ends, clean up your workbench, and clear the garage floor.

      How to Properly Use a Roof Safety Harness

      Be safe—use roof brackets, a safety harness and commonsense rules