Keep your home sparkling clean inside and out with these projects and tips for a faster and better job.

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How to Clean Your Kitchen in Basically 5 Minutes

How do you clean your kitchen fast with just a few minutes to spare? Cleaning experts share their best — and fastest — tips.

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Secret Cleaning Tips From the Pros

These cleaning professional secrets will make your house sparkle from top to bottom.

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How to Get That Stinky Fish Smell Out of Your Kitchen

You want to eat fish because it's good for you. But when your salmon piccata leaves behind a stench, it's...

9 Clever Paper Towels Uses

Beyond wiping down your counters and drying dishes, there are several paper towel uses you may not know about.

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13 Cleaning Products You Should Never Use on Your Wood Floors

They’re gorgeous — and easy to ruin. Avoid these damaging mistakes and find out what you really need to keep...

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10 Things in Your Home That May Be Making You Sick

Here are 10 common household things that could be harboring nasty germs.

11 Things You Should Never Put Down the Drain

It might be convenient to just rinse with water and flush it down the drain. But trust us, it’s worth...

6 Things Everyone Who Owns a Swiffer Needs to Know

Chances are you know how to use a Swiffer, but did you know about these useful hacks?

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How to Clean Grout in Your Kitchen with a Surprising (and Cheap) Ingredient

From your floor to your backsplash, removing gunky buildup between tiles is easier than you think with this trick.

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A Waxed Paper Hack That’ll Cut Grease and Dust in Your Kitchen

Your humble roll of waxed paper can make chores so much easier.

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12 Smart Ways to Use Bleach Cleaner

You know it's a great cleaning product, but you'll never guess what else bleach can do!

Don’t Let Your Home Make Your Fall Allergies Worse

Just because you're waving goodbye to summer doesn't mean hay fever goes with it. Here's how to allergy-proof every room...

Cleaning Myths That Don’t Actually Work (And What To Do Instead)

Cleaning experts are calling out these popular cleaning "hacks" that are obsolete or never did the job in the first...

The Most Trusted Cleaning Products in America

Big-name brands like Clorox and Tide get a lot of fanfare, but do they live up to their names?

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21 Things Every Homeowner Needs to Know

While rewarding, being a homeowner can be costly and frustrating if you're not in the know. Here are 21 essential...

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15 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Clean with Lemon

From tough stains to clogged drains, lemons are the cleaners you didn’t know you had. Take advantage of the surprising...

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17 Spots to Never Skip When Fall Cleaning

If you miss these magnets for dirt and germs, you’re missing out on having a truly clean home.

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Raising Prices During a State of Emergency: What’s Legal and What’s Not?

Concerned about price gouging during a pandemic? Find out about the definition, dangers and laws — or lack thereof.

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9 Things Professional House Cleaners Aren’t Allowed to Clean

Professional housecleaners won't clean these items for a variety of reasons — including their safety, and yours.

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The One Thing You’re Not Doing with Paper Towels (But Should Be)

Paper towels belong in your refrigerator. Surprised? Hear us out!

Your Dishwasher Tablets Can Actually Clean Your Oven — Here’s How

It turns out dishwasher tablets are tough on grease and grime all over the kitchen!

6 Products to Help Kids Stay Healthy at School

As kids go back to school, staying healthy is more important than ever. Here are six safety and hygiene products...

Top 10 Cleaning Tips for the Inside of Your Car

If you drive a lot for work or have kids and pets, you know how hard it can be to...

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8 Cleaning Products You Shouldn’t Use Around Your Dogs

Make sure you're not endangering your beloved pets with the cleaning products you use.

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This TikTok Ice Cube Trick Will Take Care of Your Stinky Garbage Disposal

Is your garbage disposal funky? Just grab a handful of ice cubes to fix the issue!

8 Things Professional Housecleaners Do in their Homes Every Day

Ever wonder how some people never have mountainous piles of dishes in the sink, grime on the fridge handles or...

10 Ways You Don’t Realize You’re Over-Cleaning Your House

Save yourself time and effort during cleaning and chores by following these experts' tips.