Keep your home sparkling clean inside and out with these projects and tips for a faster and better job.

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    We Compared Hoover vs. Bissell Carpet Cleaners for Pet Stains—Here’s How to Choose

    Who wins in the Hoover vs. Bissell carpet cleaner debate for cleaning pet messes? Here is what the experts, reviewers and our own testers say.

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    10 Unusual Uses for Baby Oil

    The common household item isn't just for babies!

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    8 DIY Cleaning Product Recipes That Really Work

    Ditch harmful chemicals and save money with these green-and-easy recipes for cleaning windows, furniture, stoves and more.

    How to Wash Polyester

    Don't be embarrassed if you have polyester clothes in your closet. You're in good company. Here's how to keep them...

    Shark Stick Vacuum: Our Editor’s Top Pick for October Prime Day Two

    Prime Day is the best time to snag our favorite Shark stick vacuum for $60 off. Pick up pet hair...

    The New Tineco Pure One Station Self Cleans the Entire Machine (Really!)

    The Tineco Pure One Station is my new favorite vacuum cleaner—here’s why.

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    Make Your Own Clear Labels in Minutes Using This Cheap Hack

    All you need are a printer, tape, scissors and a bowl of water!

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    How To Wash a Weighted Blanket

    Weighted blankets are trendy and people swear by them, but how do you keep them clean? We talked with laundry...

    Why You Should Not Put Fabric Softener in Your Toilet Tank, Despite This TikTok Hack

    Unravel the truth behind TikTok's viral fabric softener in the toilet tank hack and discover safer alternatives for a fresh-smelling...

    Time to Remove Leaves? Ditch Your Rake for a Cardboard Box

    This hack is quick, cheap and effective, but could lead to some painful consequences.

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    How To Use Bleach in Laundry the Right Way

    Get your clothes spotless and bright with these expert tips.

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    10 Things You Should Never Put in the Washing Machine

    Some items can shrink in the washer, while others can be totally destroyed or even break your machine!

    The 15 Best TikTok Cleaning Products That Actually Work

    CleanTok has us in the cleaning mood! Here are cleaning products from TikTok that are worth your money...

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    10 Essential Fall Clean-Up Tasks

    The seasons are changing, and it's time to prepare! Here are common post-summer clean-up chores to get your home ready...

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    How to Remove Dryer Burn Marks from Clothes

    Scorch marks from the dryer on your favorite piece of clothing? In many cases, you can still salvage it. Here's...

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    Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Dishwasher?

    Common dishwasher mistakes may be costing you valuable time and money. Here's how to avoid them.

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    How to Clean Grill Grates

    Read on to learn how to keep your grill grates in great shape and guarantee your food always tastes great.

    The Viral O-Cedar Spin Mop Is a Beloved Cleaning Tool, So We Tested It Out

    Mopping no longer has to be a chore you deplore, thanks to the O-Cedar spin mop.

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    Chomp Wall Mop Review: Is It the Best Mop of 2023? (TikTok-Approved)

    You'll no longer have to stand on a chair when cleaning out-of-reach areas, thanks to the Chomp wall...

    The 20 Best Men’s Gifts on Amazon That’ll Arrive in No Time

    Have a guy who's difficult to shop for? These men's gifts on Amazon will get a five-star rating from your...

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    How to Clean a TV Screen

    Fingerprints on your TV? It's easy to clean a TV screen so it's crystal clear without causing any damage.

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    10 Surprising Uses for Windex

    Contrary to popular belief, the common household cleaner is not just for glass.

    Space-Saver Vacuum Storage Bags Saved My Life While Moving

    If you’re moving or swapping out your summer wardrobe for cold-weather clothes, you’ve got to try these space-saver...

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    Steel Wool Comes in 8 Different Grades—Here’s How to Use Each One

    From wiping windows to scrubbing cast iron, there's no task steel wool can't handle.

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    How to Clean Up Blood Spills

    Let's hope you never need this information. But if you do, these tools, materials and procedures can help you safely...

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    How To Clean a Flat Top Grill

    Flat top grills are selling like hotcakes (wink!). If you get or have one, be sure you know how to...

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    6 Ways Clean Furniture and Fight Odors Without Chemical Cleaners

    The best all-natural solutions for how to clean furniture and how to deodorize a couch without chemicals and store-bought cleaners.

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    How To Clean White Walls

    Are your white walls looking dull and dirty? Learn how to clean them and bring back their luster with our...