Keep your home sparkling clean inside and out with these projects and tips for a faster and better job.

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    Skylight Washing System

    I live in a geodesic dome, situated in a mature oak forest. That means lots of completely unprotected skylights that

    10 Unexpected Ways to Use Lemon Around the House

    Are some often-used fixtures in your home looking a bit dingy? Whether you need to clean, deodorize or just refresh,...

    Cleaning Products That Cause More Harm Than Good

    In today's fast-paced world, finding the quickest, easiest, most convenient, and least expensive way to fix, repair, and clean is...

    Tips for Organizing Open Kitchen Shelves

    Open kitchen shelves are an effective way to open up your kitchen while gaining more accessible storage space, making them...

    Buying Guide: What is the Best Vacuum Cleaner to Buy?

    A quality vacuum cleaner should be versatile enough to clean a variety of surfaces and durable enough to perform well...

    Clever Cleaning Tips

    Here's a great collection of tips and hints to make cleaning around the house easier using common household supplies.

    Rust Stain Removal

    'Resin bed cleaner' simplifies cleaning off rust stains

    Remove Oil Stains From a Faux Plaster Finish

    Remove them quickly with dishwashing detergent

    Replace a Vacuum Belt

    Give vacuum performance a big boost with a new agitator belt

    Tips for Replacing Vacuum Filters

    Bagless vacuums need frequent filter changes

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    Carpet Cleaning Tips for Pet Owners

    Don't wait! Take 5 minutes to clean up the problem

    Mud-Busting Boot Scrape

    A great scrap wood project

    How to Clean Your Oven Without Harsh Chemicals

    When was the last time you cleaned your oven? Does preheating give you a burnt reminder of last week's dinner?...

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    How to Clean Floors: Wood, Tile, Carpet and Everything Else

    Most homes contain a variety of flooring types. Knowing how to best clean each surface can be a lot to...

    Things You’ve Probably Never Cleaned (But Really Should)

    Nobody likes cleaning, so there's often a focus on stuff you can see (or see through) – windows, floors, counters,...

    10 Cleaning Tips for Your Whole House

    Simplify and speed up dusting, vacuuming, stain and scum removal and other house cleaning chores with these 10 whole-house cleaning...