Keep your home sparkling clean inside and out with these projects and tips for a faster and better job.

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Clean Your Pans the Right Way with the Scrub Daddy Power Paste

TikTok users are going crazy for the cleaning power of the Scrub Daddy Power Paste. It’s a superstar in the kitchen and can remove grease and grime to make pots and pans shine. 

Laundry Detergent Sheets to Make Everything Smell Fresh

The days of excessive plastic packaging are coming to an end with the help of these companies and eco-friendly laundry...

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How to Clean a Microwave With Everyday Household Items

Learn how to clean a microwave in less than 10 minutes. It's easy, we promise!

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How to Clean and Sanitize a Toothbrush

If you know how to clean a toothbrush, you know it isn't time-consuming or costly. But you may be surprised...

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Why Marie Kondo Has Finally Embraced Messy

The world-famous tidying expert has a sweet new set of priorities.

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How to Remove Labels from Glass Jars

Seriously, is there anything vinegar can't clean?

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How Much Does House Cleaning Cost?

There are many variables, but on average, a day of cleaning costs a little less than hiring a pro to...

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Have Guests Coming? Here’s How to Clean Your Home in 30 Minutes or Less

Hosting a get-together comes with a lengthy to-do list, which makes it easy to drop the ball on cleaning your...

This One Item Has More Bacteria Than Anything in Your House

Spoiler alert: It's not your toilet seat. Learn which other common household item harbors the most bacteria, and what you...

How to Remove Soap Scum

Find out how to remove stubborn soap scum from all your bathroom surfaces and stop it from coming back.

6 Best Robot Vacuums for the Easiest Cleaning Ever

The best robot vacuum lets you clean smarter, not harder! Find one that mops, geomaps and gets every last piece...

Cleaning Hacks 101: “CleanTok” Dos and Don’ts

The cleaning niche of TikTok, dubbed "CleanTok," is filled with tips, tricks and hacks. But which ones are good ideas...

How to Clean Your Reusable Water Bottle

Bacteria, buildup and gross smells be gone! Here are step-by-step instructions for cleaning every type of reusable water bottle.

12 Bedroom Cleaning and Storage Tips

You spend a lot of hours every day in your bedroom. Make sure you're keeping it clean and organized with...

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This Family Handyman Approved Cordless Vacuum Is a Must-Have for Parents and Pet Owners

You know how annoying it is to drag out your full-sized vacuum to deal with every little a sprig of...

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Best Bug and Tar Remover for Cars

We all know that familiar splat of a bug hitting your windshield at 70 miles per hour. The next time...

We Tried This Ryobi Pressure Washer and Our Patio Has Never Looked So Clean

This all-new Ryobi Electric Pressure Washer will spray away dirt and grime from almost any outdoor surface, and leave your...

7 Tips and Tricks for Using Crayons (And Cleaning Up After Them)

Whether you're cleaning up your child's artwork or repurposing their old crayons, check out these engaging ideas.

10 Tips and Tricks for Your Spray Bottle

Put your spray bottle to the test!

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No Job Is too Tough for Family Handyman Approved Grime Hand Soap

A fiercely degreasing hand soap that's still gentle on your skin?  Give this Family Handyman Approved Grime Hand Soap a...

We Tried This Innovative Brush That Makes Cleaning Vinyl Siding a Breeze

Looking for an eco-friendly way to clean your vinyl siding? Give the American-made Siding Brush a try.

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Family Handyman Approved: Armor All Wash & Wax

If you're looking to polish up your car quickly and easily, give the Family Handyman Approved Armor All Ultra-Shine...

We Tried Dry Shine’s Ultimate Shine to Gloss Up a Filthy Truck

We tried this ultra-glossy, anti-static and UV-protectant automotive cleaner on everything we could find on my filthy pickup.

18 Tips for Removing Common Household Stains

That pesky stain doesn't have to be permanent. Turn to these handy tips for quick removal.

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These Stylish and Tough Stoggles Safety Glasses Are Family Handyman Approved

Whether you work in the trades or you're a DIY enthusiast, safety glasses are an essential tool. Recently I picked...

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This Family Handyman Approved Bissell Steam Mop Makes Cleaning a Breeze

An easy-to-use steam mop that quickly cleans and easily disassembles.

13 Simple Housecleaning Tricks You’ll Wish You Knew Sooner

Housecleaners share the cleaning secrets they use to keep your house spick and span.

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If You Have Stains in Your Plastic Containers, This is How to Get Rid of Them

It takes less than two minutes to work wonders on Tupperware!

If You See a Small Sink in a Hallway, This Is What It’s For

It makes perfect sense — it's a helpful mop sink!

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How to Clean Stainless Steel with Olive Oil

You'll need a clean microfiber cloth, a fresh bottle of olive oil and some elbow grease!

9 Genius Ways to Get Rid of Dust in Your Home You Never Thought Of

The never-ending battle against dust just got easier. Find out how to get rid of dust once and for all!