LED Safety Lighting

New brighter LEDs protect you from potential burns and fire

A retractable LED work light is safer than incandescent drop lights and a pocket LED puts light right where you need it in tight quarters.

By the DIY experts of The Family Handyman Magazine

Buy LED drop lighting for safety

It’s easy to burn yourself when you’re using a metal caged incandescent drop light in tight places. But the bigger danger with these old-style lights is the possibility of blowing yourself sky-high by accidentally breaking the bulb near gasoline. It’s time to start working safer with LED lighting. It provides just as much light as your old drop light but without any of the safety concerns. Here’s what to look for:

LED light manufacturers promote their products by the LED count alone. That’s important, but not nearly as important as the ability to focus all those LEDs on your work. There’s no specification for that. If there are working display models at the store, compare how well each one casts its beam. You may find that the bargain LED lights aren’t such a bargain after all.

Buy an LED pocket light for cramped quarters

Check out the latest pocket-style LED lights. They’re perfect for lighting your way in cramped areas like under a dashboard or around contorted hoses and wires in the engine compartment. Look for a pocket LED light with a long, flexible neck and a switch that allows you to lock it in the “on” position. Also, make sure it uses batteries that are readily available.

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