Outdoor Power Equipment

Take care of your home and yard with the latest outdoor power equipment; lawn mowers, snow blowers, chainsaws, pressure washers, air compressors, generators.

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    Compressor Creeper

    I store my heavy air compressor on a mechanic's creeper to make it easier to move around my shop and...

    14 Incredible Snow Removal Tools

    The snow is going to fly and you want to have the best tools available to deal with it. Try...

    15 Super-Useful Tools for Dealing with Leaves

    With fall comes of the promise of leaves, clumping up on your grass and matting down on your flowerbeds (even...

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    How to Sharpen a Lawn Mower Blade

    A sharp lawn mower blade will help keep your grass healthy.

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    Chain Saw Race: Gas vs. Battery

    Wondering if a gas or battery-powered chain saw is better for your needs? Watch this video to find out which...

    How to Repair a Cut Power Tool Cord

    Try this DIY fix before you buy a new cord!

    How to Oil an Electric Motor

    Expert advice: When oiling an electric motor, be sure to use oil that's specifically designed for motors.

    2 Stroke Engines: Use Single-Mix Oil

    No more worry about oil/gas ratios

    DIY Safety Tips

    Lessons learned from difficult and sometimes painful experiences

    Install a Simpler Weed Trimmer Head

    Make trimmer line replacement a breeze

    Best Tools of the Pros: The Secret Weapons

    Favorite tools that make jobs easier, faster and more enjoyable

    Rent Outdoor Power Equipment and Save Money

    Rental tools that save time and toil

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    How to Make Your Lawn Mower Last Longer

    Tune up your lawn mower in 5 simple steps.

    Metal Roofing Catches On in Mainstream Neighborhoods

    Metal roofing is for more than just new homes.

    Pressure Washer Maintenance and Tips

    We talked to a few power washer fanatics and several manufacturers to learn the best tips for using and maintaining...

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    8 Leaf Blowers We Love

    Shopping for a leaf blower? Here's a list of great picks for every need, including something for every budget.