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    Safety Glasses Insurance

    Protect safety glasses by storing them in an old sock.

    Baseball-Cap Trim Protector

    Prying a bent nail from woodwork with a hammer can leave an unsightly mark.

    Rubber Gloves Rubber Bands

    Check out this clever workshop tip!

    Garden Path in a Wheelbarrow

    No heavy lifting, no fancy tools and really, really cheap!

    Safety Gear Every DIYer Should Own

    As an avid DIYer, you have the necessary tools, but do you have the proper safety gear? Here are 12...

    Getting Started in Welding: Tools and Gear

    You don’t need all of this to get started. Get the basic safety gear first, and the rest as you...

    15 Brilliant Ways to Reuse Plastic Grocery Bags

    Even if you use reusable shopping bags, there's a good chance you have some plastic grocery bags somewhere in your...

    Make Your Reusable Grocery Bags Sturdier

    Make transporting your groceries easier with this simple hack.

    Wine Box Shoe Storage

    Designed to protect fragile glass bottles, a wine box is perfect for storing shoes because it comes equipped with cardboard...

    15 Tips for Storing Your Winter Sports Gear

    Whether you strap on the skis for a trip down the mountain or lace up your skates for a game...

    13 Advanced Work Boots for Every DIY Project

    It may be surprising to discover that work boots are much more than steel-toes and laces. There are specialized boots...

    KEEN Utility Boots

    Keen is a footwear brand based in Portland, Oregon. We are big fans of their boots and wanted to find out...

    DIY Tools and Gear

    Our favorite DIY tools, materials + gear.

    How to Drill a Hole in Tile

    Mounting towel bars, shower doors and other bathroom accessories often require drilling holes in tile. We show you how with...

    Hack Your Car Top Carrier: Loading Tips and Safety Smarts

    Getting building materials home from the lumberyard or home center is easy if you own a pickup truck or a...

    Upgrade Your Motorcycle Safety Gear

    We talked to helmet, glove, boot and clothing gear manufacturers to get the scoop on new gear as well as...

    How to Prevent Rusty Tools

    Vapor control inhibitor products reduce rust on tools and fasteners

    Car Accessories: DC/AC Inverter

    Cigarette lighter chargers explained