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Gear and Apparel

Find good deals and high quality with these gear and apparel suggestions.

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    How to Prevent Rusty Tools

    Vapor control inhibitor products reduce rust on tools and fasteners

    Car Accessories: DC/AC Inverter

    Cigarette lighter chargers explained

    Car Accessories: Roof Rack Safety Warning

    Don't trust roof racks for large loads

    Protect Yourself With Disposable Nitrile Gloves

    Nitrile gloves prevent skin contact with harmful chemicals

    Clever Tool Storage: Drill Bits and Other Pointy Tools

    Try this quick, simple solution to workbench clutter

    How to Choose the Best Hearing Protection

    Save your ears—they may come in handy some day

    Organizing a Tool Belt

    A $30 tool belt, organized with the proper tools, allows you to work faster with better results.

    Tips for Replacing Vacuum Filters

    Bagless vacuums need frequent filter changes

    How to Choose a Dust Mask

    Protect your lungs from harmful dust

    How to Install Towel Bars and Hooks on Fiberglass Tub and Shower Surrounds

    Toggle bolts solve tricky mounting problems on thin plastic walls.

    DIY Mudroom Storage Cubby Plans

    Cure back-door chaos!

    Construct a Classic Wooden Cart

    This perfectly balanced workhorse rolls up and down hills with ease

    Mud-Busting Boot Scrape

    A great scrap wood project

    Storing Your Compact Compressor

    Save floor space and get organized with this sturdy compressor stand

    Garage Storage: Backdoor Storage Center

    Get clutter off the floor and out of the house with these 5 quick storage solutions

    Table Saw Tips and Tricks

    Make cleaner, safer and straighter cuts with easy-to-make accessories and jigs for your table saw.

    Installing Large Garage Cabinets

    With this 2x2 frame and panel system, you can add 80-plus cubic feet of storage in an afternoon

    How to Properly Use a Roof Safety Harness

    Be safe—use roof brackets, a safety harness and commonsense rules

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    Table Saw Tips and Techniques

    Do more with your table saw

    The Most Essential Painting Tools Every Homeowner Should Have

    If you're painting walls and ceilings, having the proper tools is the key to efficient, polished results. You don't need...

    12 Gift Ideas for Kids Who Like DIY

    If you're looking for gifts to buy for a budding DIYer, future electrician, wannabe mechanic, dabbling woodworker, or would-be handyman,...

    Comfortable, Rugged Workwear

    For my latest weekend projects, I wore a pair of Gridflex canvas work pants, Gridworks 8-inch waterproof safety-toe work boots...

    Upgrade Your Grill: BBQ Tools & Grill Accessories

    5 great products to help you cook better and faster—and take it on the road!

    Garage Organization: Finding Space on High

    How to store stuff high in your garage.

    Drywall Finishing with Setting-Type Joint Compound

    Here's why it's worth it to use setting drywall compound.