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9 Products to Splurge on This Week

Treat yourself to one (or more!) of these favorite products for DIYers.

Every product is independently selected by our editors. If you buy something through our links, we may earn an affiliate commission.

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stuff we love tuff guard hoseFamily Handyman

Kink-free garden hose

In a story a few months ago, you said the “best” garden hose doesn’t exist. I beg to differ. After trying two “non-kink” and very heavy hoses that invariably did just that, I invested in a 100-ft. Tuff Guard hose (about $105). It doesn’t kink and is much lighter than my other hoses. I love it! — Charles Boysen, Subscriber

The hose uses a “double helix” construction with an inner polyester fabric twisted around the water tube in the opposite direction of the polypropylene ribs you see on the outside. That makes the hose tough to kink, but also harder to coil by hand. It’s also available in 25-ft. ($30) and 50-ft. ($60) lengths. — Travis Larson, Senior Editor

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stuff we love iron fighterFamily Handyman

Got iron in your water?

Iron-laced water is tough on everything from your clothes to your toilet. When you use Diamond Crystal Iron Fighter water softening salt in your water softener, it works where you don’t see, protecting the insides of your water heater, appliances and pipes. But you will see, feel and taste the improvements.

Made to get the red out, this product reduces rust stains and the film buildup on shower doors. Removing iron from your water does more: Dishes sparkle, hair shines, towels are soft. It’s amazing what a bag or two of salt can do.

A water softener removes dissolved iron by ion exchange, just as it removes calcium and magnesium. Getting the iron out of the softener resin bed during regeneration is often a problem. The Iron Fighter helps this process, adding life to your resin bed.

Diamond Crystal Iron Fighter water softening salt is suitable for most water softeners. It’s available at most home centers and hardware stores, including Home Depot, Lowe’s and Ace. — Barry Shoultz, Field Editor

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stuff we love Husqvarna HU800AWDFamily Handyman

Mountain-climbing mower

Self-propelled mowers handle gentle slopes just fine. But if your yard has some serious inclines, you’ve probably experienced this: The mower climbs partway up the hill then slows to a crawl as the tires dig in and chew up your turf.

Husqvarna’s HU800AWDH ($600) solves this problem the same way your SUV does: with four-wheel drive (or “all-wheel drive,” as they call it). Aside from hill-climbing traction, this 22-in. self-propelled gas mower has a powerful 190cc Honda engine and variable drive speed. There’s a water port for easy cleaning— you just hook up your garden hose and start the engine to blast-clean the underside of the deck. For more info, go to

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stuff we love warner professional paint brush combFamily Handyman

Brush and roller comb

Paintbrush combs have been around forever. But the Warner Professional Paint Brush Comb with Roller Cleaner has a few extra features others don’t. It has two sets of teeth for cleaning bristles, one for up near the ferrule and the other for the main part of the brush. As a bonus, this handy gizmo can run the length of a soaked paint roller, returning paint to your can and cutting cleaning time. There’s also a little tab on the end for cleaning paint can rims. Granted, this isn’t one of the great innovations of the 21st century, but if you need to buy a brush comb, this one’s a gem. Available for about $3 at home centers and hardware and paint stores. — Barry Shoultz, Field Editor

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stuff we love sikkens wood finishFamily Handyman

Wood finish with royal history

When you’ve been in business since 1792, like Sikkens, you’re likely to know what you’re doing. Sikkens was granted the title of “Royal” in 1905 and distinguished as a “supplier to the Royal Family” in 1932 for the premium quality and performance of its products.

Among its many products is Sikkens Cetol SRD Translucent Wood Finish. It provides a true one-coat application, effective for most outdoor wood surfaces. Its formula includes finely ground iron oxide pigments for vibrant, natural colors. It tends to hold up very well to temperature and climate extremes and UV rays.

Surface preparation, as with all finish applications, is critical. A natural bristle brush is the preferred method of application, although a roller or airless sprayer will work. I’m a brush guy, still believing the ol’ brush works the stain into the wood better. — Barry Shoultz, Field Editor

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stuff we love cree LED bulbFamily Handyman

Dimmable led bulb that’s even more affordable

I am the queen bee of LED bulbs, and I have news to share: Cree has introduced a $5 2-pack of dimmable warm white LED bulbs that replaces a 60-watt incandescent bulb. Five bucks! Available at Home Depot, it comes with a 10-year warranty. It uses 84 percent less energy and lasts 25 times longer than an incandescent bulb. It uses only 9.5 watts and casts a nice, gentle yellowish light (it’s in my floor lamp at home).

How about dimming? Cree says the LED works with any standard or low-voltage dimmer. “Dimmable” LED bulbs are still hit-and-miss, so I’m reserving judgment (there’s a list of compatible dimmers at Also check out Cree’s EcoSmart 6 inch LED 65 Watt-equivalent Downlight for recessed lights ($35 at Home Depot), which continues to get top marks from reviewers. — Elisa Bernick, Associate Editor

LED bulbs now can change color. Is it right for you?

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stuff we love amflo hose reelFamily Handyman

Reel deal for roofers

Two guys sharing one compressor is common on a job site. So is tripping over a hose because the guy on the other side of the splice jerks on his hose just as you’re stepping over yours. And if you’re working on a roof, tripping on a hose could result in a career-ending tumble to the ground, or worse.

Amflo makes a hose reel that has two ports attached to the reel itself, and two anchor bases, so it can be fastened to a roof. Because it’s a reel, you only have to pull out as much of the 75-ft. hose as you need. It’s not just for roofers, though. It’s a great tool for all carpentry, even on the ground. — Mark Peterson, Associate Editor

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stuff we love clean and safe drop clothFamily Handyman

Rethink floor protection

When most people think “floor protection,” they think rosin paper or canvas drop cloths, but there are other choices.

Clean & Safe drop cloths roll out like rosin paper but lie flat on the floor and don’t need to be taped down. Like canvas, the cloth provides rugged protection, but its skid-resistant bottom keeps it from sliding around. It’s reusable and made from post-consumer recycled products. Your customers will know you’re not messing around when you roll this stuff across their hardwood floor.

Clean & Safe drop cloths cost about 37¢ per sq. ft., and you can buy a roll at — Mark Peterson, Associate Editor

Don’t want to buy one of these drop cloths? Just try cardboard!

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stuff we love CLC work gear speaker tool bagFamily Handyman

Traveling tunes

Music always helps make the workday move along a little quicker, but dragging a radio to every corner of the job site gets old in a hurry, and trying to maneuver with earbud wires dangling out your ears is clumsy and sometimes dangerous.

The folks at CLC Work Gear figured out that wherever you’re working, your tools are probable close at hand. So they’ve added speakers and a docking station to their 18-in. tool bag. Just connect your digital music player or smartphone, and wherever your tools go, so go your tunes. The sound system doesn’t take up much space and is powered by an AC wall plug transformer or four D-cell batteries. You can get a Tech Gear Stereo Speaker 18-in. MegaMouth Tool Bag for about $85 online. — Mark Peterson, Associate Editor

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Every product is independently selected by our editors. If you buy something through our links, we may earn an affiliate commission.